Dress to Impress: Why it’s More Than Just a Statement?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

“Dress to impress” is probably something you’ve heard before. Dressing is an important aspect of an individual’s personality. The first interaction between people is usually silent. Inadvertently, we make an image of the other person in our mind based on what they are wearing. From celebrities to colleagues and other people that we meet face to face, the dress speaks a lot before they have an opportunity to use words. 

The Power of Your Dress

It is crucial never to take the power of your own image lightly. An individual’s personal and professional relations, as well as image, are built on the way they look. Appearance matters a lot and especially in the corporate field. People’s attire is most often seen as a reflection of their personality and subsequently of their style of work. It is a testimony to how a person feels about oneself and what others can expect from a professional. 

Moreover, a person’s dress code makes others around them aware that there is a sense of professionalism which many do not possess or are unaware of. When interviewing for a job or when going to meet a prospective client for the first time, everyone needs to put the best foot forward. This for sure includes the effort with the choice of clothes. 

People Judge Others on the Way They Dress

Like it or not, many people make assumptions based on appearance which definitely includes the dress sense. A well-groomed appearance certainly shows professionalism towards handling clients, customers, investors or employees. At the workplace, casual and funky looks only represent careless or carefree attitude which makes an employee seem unfit for the job. 

Corporate Dressing 

It is expected of the employees in an organization to follow a moral dress code. They should stay simple and most vitally dignified, which automatically expresses calmness, enthusiasm and intelligence in handling the job. At the workplace, it is better for the employees to let their dress do the talk first before they do. A person does not have to be a fashionista to succeed in getting a job or impressing the new client but certainly, one’s look does reinforce one’s professionalism.

In addition, communication researchers have found that only 8% of the effect of a message is carried by words while listeners receive the other 92% through non-verbal means. 83% of the people will eventually buy a product or idea when their style and behavior are matched and mirrored. Thus, the way an individual presents himself in those first few minutes of meeting someone could possibly break or make what, in the future, could potentially be very important for their personal and professional growth and success. 


The moment we start our interactions with people, they perceive and judge us by what they see and feel. People form an impression of a person on the first meeting which takes less than 10 seconds, so it is important to dress to impress. Clothing can play a significant role in shaping the employment experience, particularly for frontline service workers. Individual dress practices are interlinked with one’s identity and clothing is found to shape the wearer’s self -perception and subsequent behavior.

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