Weight Loss Diet Plans: Why Controlling Food Intake Alone is Not Enough

Obesity and being overweight are disorders which plague our generation extensively. According to a World Health Organization report, almost 13% of the world’s adult population is obese. Figures from 2016 state that 39% or 1.9 billion people globally were overweight and these figures have only risen since then.

These numbers are alarming, and there are a number of factors which lead to this predicament. Our overall lazy lifestyles thanks to the internet have a major role in promoting obesity among the general population. This coupled with misconceptions that we harbor in our minds regarding diet and exercise contribute to increasing figures of people being overweight and obese.

In this article we look at one of the most frequently asked questions that people have when trying to lose weight: Will a diet plan alone help me shed those pounds?

The Essentials of a Weight Loss Routine

Weight gain is a steady process and though you may feel that things were easy, it takes a long time.  Most people forget about this when it comes time to lose weight. Getting rid of that extra fat is not easy and it certainly won’t take just lowering your calorie intake.

A weight loss routine involves a lot more besides a diet plan. Sleep, exercise and strictly abstaining from specific foods like soft drinks and alcohol is crucial. Also, it is important to pick an appropriate diet and not a fad one. Any one of these elements without the other will translate to you not getting the desired results.  

Why Calorie Intake Alone Won’t Work

During a weight loss regimen, when we decrease our calorie intake, we compromise on a number of nutrients. Each type of diet focuses on providing the body with only the essential nutrients. While this has benefits, relying on the diet alone will only cause more harm than good.

Lethargy, fatigue and other illnesses are part of the consequences that may come with having only a diet plan to burn fat. This is mainly because the body is reacting to the deprivation it is facing in terms of food. Exercise is one way of keeping the body in prime condition during the process of losing weight.

Common Mistakes People Make

People have many false beliefs when it comes to the most effective way of losing weight. The most common trend among all this is that there is no balance. Sometimes, there is an excess of workouts with no control on diet, while in other places there is partial diet control with an intake of harmful things like cigarettes and alcohol not going down etc.  


It is crucial for people to realize that being overweight or obese is the cause of many health issues and general discomfort in life. When committing to a weight loss routine, diet, exercise and other essential elements have to be balanced. It takes a complete lifestyle change to achieve and then sustain a healthy BMI. Else, the consequences are devastating.

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Written by Spencer K