A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Go-To Fashion Statements

It would be so nice if we could all wake up with the sun shining on our seamlessly smooth complexion and an immaculate tangle of curly bedhead waves, all because of a night full of relaxing beauty sleep. But girls, that ain’t happening, because with each day, comes a different mood and a varied scale of energy, which usually progresses downwards starting from dreadful Monday.
There are women who are always spotless clean, and perfect than perfect, but then, there are women who experience a perpetual state of lethargy that engulfs their body with unending laziness, rendering them incapable of layering and pairing outfits to put together an on-point statement for the day. In most cases, the latter type of women almost always submit themselves to their interminable laziness and pick out whatever mismatched outfit they can grab from their wardrobe, and head out, looking like the ultimate fashion disaster.

Once you’re out on the streets, there’s no option but to own up to your hastily put together disastrous outfits with mock pride while the immaculately dressed Prada-clad women stare you down with disapproval. Unless you want to break away from your styling misery and revel in the confidence of style-savvy outfits. It’s not hard, all it takes is a little bit of forward planning, and this amazing guide to styling easy go-to outfits.

Here’s everything you need to own to hit the streets with an on-point style statement:

Statement Blouses

On days when you’re simply to consumed by lethargy, it’s best to plan a two-piece outfit that attracts attention while taking minimal effort on your part. To achieve this, you need an abundance of classy statement blouses with contemporary trends, such as balloon sleeves, off-the-shoulder, cold-shoulder, boldly plunging V-necks, ruffles, exaggerated bell-sleeves and sexy cut-outs.
Pair these beauties up with your best bottoms that give your curvy legs the most flattering fit, for instance, denim jeans, ankle pants, cropped pants, slit pants-the trick is to get as creative as can be.

Power Blazer

A sharply structured blazer is the perfect outwear staple that has the power of transforming any and every outfit. Its charismatic fit will give your outfits a voguish chicness, and if you’re a girl who is lusciously curvy, you can use a blazer to slim down your waist and emphasize your curves. The most exciting part is, blazers can be paired with anything and everything, be it a jumpsuit, denim-and-tee, basic button-downs, high-waist pants, sheath dresses or even denim overalls.

Denim for Days!

Denim is, without doubt, the most versatile fabric known to womankind, and it is the ultimate savior when we have run out of outfits to look presentable. Believe me, ladies, denim is your best styling trick to nail effortless chicness without trying too hard.
You can pick out denim jackets, ripped jeans, denim button-downs or sexy denim overalls with distressed patches. The best part about rocking denim is that it can be paired with any and every color in your wardrobe, and if you’re too confused to pick out the right one, just create a denim-over-denim statement to save time. Trust me, there’s simply no going wrong with denim.


We all experience mornings when we simply can’t stand the idea of trapping our legs into skin-tight jeans for our inner goddess wants her limbs to be free so she can twirl around and channel her feminine sensuality sans restraint. These are the days when we turn towards our maxi skirts to create a romantic outfit that is brimming with infectious charm.
A flowy maxi skirt can be paired up with at least a dozen outfits in your wardrobe, for instance, chiffon blouses, silk button-downs, graphic sweatshirts, leather jackets, cashmere sweaters, knitwear and lots more. If you want to create an edgy skirt statement, experiment with other skirt-lengths and textures. For instance, you can pick out leather pencil skirts, tiered ruffled skirts, woolen midi skirts, and the irresistibly sexy, suede lace-up miniskirts.

Sassy Graphics

Laziness and lethargy have an extremely odd way of exhibiting itself in our physical features, especially if one isn’t dressed presentably, one tends to radiate a negative energy. You can eliminate these negative vibes by giving your outfit a rich and colorful dose of sassy graphics. Graphic tees, sweatshirts, denim jackets, bomber jackets, dresses, and all other colorful ensembles are the perfect trick to get rid of those horrid Monday blues and hit the streets with a confident style statement loaded with sass.

Floor-Grazing Beauty

An extremely voguish outfit inspiration for days when you to channel your free-spirited inner goddess with a vibrant color palette and heaps of positivity. Maxi dresses allow women to liberate their curves with a flimsy fit that doesn’t compromise their comfort. You can pick out maxi dresses with artful patterns, gorgeous embroideries, romantic floral prints, ethnic art, tribal infusions and a juxtaposed mismatching of prints to ravish your gypsy soul.

These delights can be flaunted at any and every occasion. With a smart blazer, you can carry them off to work, and paired with a sleek leather jacket, they create the chicest outfit in contemporary streetwear.

Leather Alert!

Experiencing a bad hair day and a serious lack of fashionable outfits? Girl, it’s time you take out your glamour guns, which basically refers to all the leather staples that you own. Leather, be it a sleek leather jacket or curve-hugging leather tights, create the ultimate power statement that is brimming with spontaneous audacity and bold glamour.
You can pair up a rock-stud biker jacket with a sexy lace top and sleek leather jacket, or perhaps, play up your leather crop top with a red power blazer and leather tights. Remember, the trick is to create a sharp outfit that emphasizes your curves with the sleek fit of leather.

Lady in Black

On days when you feel an acute lack of confidence and a persisting sense of shame over your gently protruding muffin top, you need to turn to black. All-black outfits are the ultimate recipe for a glamorous, neat and classy statement. An all-black power-suit is the perfect outfit for a career-making presentation, while a little black dress is an ultimate recipe for irresistible seduction to ravish your partner on a hot date night.

Jumpsuits to the Rescue!

Between preparing breakfast and seeing off the kids to school, you often find yourself struggling for time to create a chic workwear statement. Woman, you don’t need more time, all you need is an endless abundance of sexy jumpsuits. If you’re always running late for work, jumpsuits are your ideal pick to create a style-savvy outfit without any pairing or layering whatsoever.

Pick out a versatile variety of jumpsuits that feature contemporary trends, such as chunky belts, off-the-shoulder necklines, balloon sleeves and sharply tailored accents. You can pair up these delights with any and every outwear staples, such as trench coats, denim jackets, blazers, capes and even a leather jacket. With cleverly placed accessories, this is the ultimate recipe to nail street style chicness. What’s more, if you pick out a festive number, you can even carry off these jumpsuits to your black tie events and formal occasions!


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