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5 tips for keeping coworkers happy

When it comes to Coworking, it’s super important to make sure all your coworkers are content and happy. No doubt this may be a challenge for most Coworking spaces especially when a greater number of coworkers are present. Let’s face it, you can’t possibly cater to each individual’s needs separately right? That’s why we’ve list down 5 super simple ways for you to satisfy your team of coworkers at all times.

1.First your coworker, the rest then follows

Employees at a formal business office may not be recognized or credited at all times so why not give that opportunity to your coworkers just by simply asking them how their day was or how nice their outfit looks. Boosting the morale of your workers will not only improve productivity but it will also make them appreciate the working space they’ve opted for even more. Acknowledging their presence and efforts in the simplest form can most certainly make them feel more comfortable in your environment and would likely recommend it to others. Now if you have a great number of coworkers, you are likely to miss out on a lot, so instead you could always leave out a nice message for your coworkers on the notice board or right at the entrance, someplace which can’t be missed.

2. Try not to make your space like an office

The whole idea of a Coworking space is to be different from a typical office space, so technically desks and chairs aren’t something you’d want to get rid of but to make your setting feel more homely you can most certainly add a food/ coffee station, a relaxing spot with couches and cushions, a jamming or play room maybe? Or even a table tennis or pool table. Anything really that will allow your coworkers to loosen up around the space and take some time off from their work.  However be sure that any activity isn’t a disruption for the others!

3. Inside jokes and traditions

It is so important to establish a great sense of community within your working space to make your coworkers feel like a part of a family. Come up with a daily or weekly ritual of something fun or interesting that will let them look forward to something! Maybe once a month throw a one dish lunch while everyone dresses as a character? You could also Place up a bet jar or simply have your own inside jokes that only you and your members find it drop dead hilarious while anyone else would stare at you blankly in confusion. All these factors build up to a strong community and c’mon who wouldn’t want to be a part of an awesome community!

4. Interaction, interaction and interaction.

Like we mentioned above, community is a great big factor you would want to focus on. But what builds your community is the amount of interaction you rein enforce between all your coworkers.  It is vital for everyone to get along well and happily thus, you have to boost communication as much as possible for that to happen. It is quite possible that you may come across several colleagues who may not be as social or interactive as the rest and that is okay don’t push their boundaries;  but do try to get them to be comfortable around the rest at least. Keep open discussions, ask for advices from your crew or throw an icebreaker or a get together every Friday if you wish to. Their interaction is what solidifies your working space. Good connections and bonds allows for great networking opportunities for everyone.

5. A little help is all we need

Sometimes we can be so consumed with our own work that it may never even cross our minds if someone else needs a little helping hand with their work. Offer assistance to your team and spend in a little extra time at work. Not only will they significantly appreciate your effort and respect you but it’ll also increase their job satisfaction immensely, and when one is surrounded by a happy colleague the joyful mood spreads all across. Keep your space light and joyful rather than stressful where one doesn’t look forward to coming at.

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Written by Openiun