5 Of the Best Online Clothing Stores for Men in 2020

The clothing industry is one of the biggest in the world and one that has been able to stay economically stable over the last few years. It has grown and is worth roughly $2.4 trillion. The introduction of online shopping has given clothing, especially men’s fashion a new boost. Moreover, the plethora of startups offering affordable yet high-quality apparel has brought in record traffic to the market.

While there are well-known designer brands offering their products through eCommerce, most of these are over the budget for most of us. The best clothing store is one that is not outrageous in terms of prices yet provides a number of cool options to consumers. Given here is a list of some amazing online clothing stores for men, besides the mainstream ones like Amazon, Target or Macy’s.

1.    Zara

By now, Zara has become a sensation and there is hardly a soul that is not aware of the brand. Although Zara has grown into one of the biggest clothing companies in the world, it still remains true to its roots by providing fresh designs to consumers at affordable prices. They have a wide range of clothing accessories for men including blazers, jackets, shoes and t-shirts etc.

2.    Topman

The brand began natively in the USA but has grown significantly since its launch in the 70s. They are now available in more than 31 countries through their online stores and physical locations too. They carry the Topman brand as well as apparel from other designers but all of this in prices that are relatively within the budget of the common man. They have everything from sweaters and jackets, shirts and much more.

3.    J. Crew

One of the oldest brands on our list is J. Crew. There has been some controversy around the brand but consumers continue to assert that it still provides exciting fashion options for men at a decent price point. J. Crew delivers worldwide so the country you are in doesn’t matter when shopping with the company. The brand offers a wide range of shirts, pants, chinos, denims, suits and shorts etc.

4.    Urban Outfitters

The house of trending and retro clothing, Urban Outfitters is a US-based brand that was launched in 1970. It is available in more than 15 countries worldwide which include states in America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The brand covers almost all men’s needs when it comes to clothing. The apparel is usually activewear and suits adventurous and outgoing people.

5.    DSTLD

If you are a lover of minimalist designs, then DSTLD is the store for you. The brands color palette for products is derived from the most basic colors like black, white denim and gray. They are a one-stop-shop if you are someone who is satisfied with this simple line of colors. There is not much evolution when it comes to designs but nothing feels missing to the people in search of contemporary clothing.

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Written by Spencer K