5 Healthy Ways That Can Help You Start Eating A Vegan Diet

The vegan world is not as boring as it sounds. It’s a healthy lifestyle, that helps you make your immune system efficient and eradicates most of the diseases, that might get latched to you in the future. It’s a balanced lifestyle and it makes your metabolism rate stronger than before.

Being a vegan means to strictly follow a diet that excludes consuming animal products, not only meat but also eggs, and also the dairy products (milk, butter, yogurt, cheese etc.) I helped change my Father’s diet completely as he was a meat lover and this was harming him internally.

The day I changed his diet, it groomed his personality. He started feeling more active and healthier! Cutting off all the meats from your diet doesn’t mean it won’t be beneficial for you, there are many ways where you can start making your meals nourishing and healthy.

It seemed a bit impossible and hectic for me, but when once you get on that track, it’s totally worth it. I’ve listed a few points of how I transformed my Father’s diet and what steps I undertook that brought the fruitful results.

Go for veggie shopping!

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People have this strong misconception that eating meals that consist of pure vegetables is not healthy. There needs to be some protein on the plate! That’s totally wrong. Vegetables consist of Vitamins and Minerals that is a winning choice all around!

Try incorporating greens in your diet such as spinach, asparagus, rocket leaves, broccoli, cabbage etc as they can make the best salad options for your meals. Vegetables contain a lot of potassium and fiber that won’t let you suffer from diseases such as constipation.

Bring variety to your plate

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Eating a vegan diet doesn’t mean that your plate gets boring! You can add a lot of colors and variety to your plate. Add different vegetables such as different type of beans, potatoes, tomatoes, berries which brings in loads of vitamins and brain boosting stimulators.

My dad started complaining as there was way too much veggie game going on the plate. I decided to make things easy for him. I incorporated beans and brown rice in his plate and Bingo! It worked.

You can always stylize your diet by adding in sautéed vegetables or beans with your favorite spices. I always tried making fresh breakfast bowls for him and it made him eat the whole bowl till the last bite!

Use whole grains

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The best way to make your meals even healthier is to make use of natural whole grains rather than the processed ones such as pasta and white bread. Add quinoa seeds and brown rice in your diet as they are rich in vitamins and fiber.

I added quinoa in my dad’s breakfast bowls and it was quite a filling healthy bowl. It even makes sure that you lose weight. So, in short, following a purely vegan diet can also be one of the key solutions to shred some fats from your body.

Time to change your source of protein

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If you’re a protein lover then you’re definitely going to miss eating PROTEINS! You can get a rich protein diet through vegetables as well. Vegetables also contain fats that can be beneficial for your body. Avoid using unhealthy saturated fats that can be harmful to your body.

I went to a supermarket and discovered uncountable alternatives of proteins. They are really effective and wholesome for your bodies such as tofu, tempeh, edamame (soybeans), lentils, chickpeas, and beans. Nuts, like almonds and walnuts, and seeds, like sunflower and pumpkin seeds, also deliver protein.

It does take longer but it’s totally worth the wait. For people who think that vegans don’t get a proper protein-based diet is wrong as they can also get proteins from several choices of veggie sourced protein.

Time for a commitment

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Lastly, nothing can change your perspective unless and until you don’t fully commit to it. Changing from a normal diet to vegan can become the most difficult task if there is no commitment.

You need to commit as I did. I planned a 3-week vegan diet for my father. I had this mindset that whatever I do, I won’t quit at all and will complete this 3-week period as this is how I can bring positive changes for my Father.

You need to keep this in mind that quitting is not an option. It’s not that difficult and can be done with the right determination. My nutritionist explained to me how our health is a huge wealth and should be nurtured.

I end on this note that being vegan is not just about adopting a healthy diet; it’s a lifestyle that needs to be followed. It’s more like utilizing Mother Nature’s blessings in such a beautiful way. Educate yourself about the importance of being a vegan and keep things healthy and fun.

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