4 21st Century Habits That Are Leading to Health Issues

As time progresses, lifestyles change. It’s not necessary that this shift takes us in a positive direction every time. The habits that prevail today are a testament to the fact that the most recent change is doing more harm than good. Technology has made our lives so convenient that our habits and routines are becoming a threat to our physical and mental health.

In this article, we take a look at some of the habits we have developed in the 21st Century that are leading to health issues around the globe:

1.    Lack of Physical Activity

One of the biggest drawbacks of the advancements in technology is the fact that most of our tasks require little to no physical movement. As a result, the generation is becoming lazy in general. We make excuses to avoid exercise and get almost none at our workplaces or universities either.

This habit of remaining stationary for long periods of time is leading to an overall decrease in immunity. It also increases the risk of many ailments and disorders, chief among which is pain in the muscles and joints, heart disease, some cancers and diabetes along with depression and bad mood.

2.    Tobacco and Other Socially Acceptable Drugs

Alcohol, vapes, cigarettes and other drugs have become part of our daily lives and their usage tends to increase every day. Many millennials cite reasons like mounting stress and the burden of responsibilities as an excuse to smoke or take other drugs which will help them take the edge off.

In reality, all that these drugs are doing is destroying our internal organs and impacting the normal functions of the body in the process. Vapes are marketed as being safer than cigarettes yet they have now been reported as equally dangerous if not more than the traditional tobacco smoke.   

3.    Stress and Exertion

Many of the problems we face today are because of misplaced priorities. Societal pressure and social media force us into having expectations which we can’t fulfill. The result is tardiness and an inability to cope with the normal stresses of life. Research shows that millennials approach every problem with a certain level of anxiety. When we begin with a stressful mind, the results are often not up to par and our health suffers in the process too.  

4.    Disturbed sleep patterns

Sleep is one of the most underappreciated things in our lives today. Unfortunately, our routines have formed in a way which makes it impossible for us to establish a normal sleep regimen. The result is that we become agitated at the slightest inconvenience. We burden our organs too much which can result in a variety of ailments like heart diseases and stroke.


The generation that suffers most as a result of the changed habits these days are millennials. Our daily lives have become centered on working as corporate slaves with no real goal in sight. As a result, we suffer not only mentally but physically as well. It has become imperative today for us to address these habits and do everything in our power to change them before it’s too late.

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