Where Do Fashion Trends Come From?

Has the thought ’where do fashion trends come from’ ever crossed to your mind? Usually, you see models on the runway displaying new types of clothing and patterns, then you may start seeing celebs wearing a particular type of outfit. Next thing you know, you’re seeing that outfit everywhere, from clothing stores to your Instagram feed. But where did that trend originally start from? Let’s break it down!

History of Fashion 

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Before we dive straight into answering the question of ‘where do fashion trends come from’, let’s have a look at how fashion came into being first. 

Fashion today has turned into a way for people to express and define themselves. That wasn’t always the case. The idea of ‘fashion’ has been around for centuries, with evidence found from as early as the 1600s. Back in the day, it was the British and Egyptians who mainly demonstrated interest in how they dressed. In those times, appearance indicated a person’s wealth and social status and people felt the need to distinguish themselves from the common folk. 

That covers a gist of how fashion began. To learn in greater detail about how fashion began, check out: When did Fashion Start? The History of Fashion

How Fashion Trends Begin

Fashion trends don’t happen by accident, even though it may seem so at times. In today’s world, social media and the internet have also changed the fashion trend game. Previously, most fashion trends emerged through fashion house to magazines to the consumer, but things have changed quite a bit since then. Here are some ways on where fashion trends come from:

1. Magazines/Trend Books

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Magazines and trend books are one of the ways in which fashion trends originate. Big fashion companies and trend forecasting agencies send a team of people to travel all around the world and get some ideas for future fashion. They do so by observing and getting inspiration from other cultures, architecture, and attitudes of people. 

Once they have accumulated various ideas for fashion trends, they compile and publish them in either magazines or trend books, which are then sold to the public and highlight upcoming trends for up to a year before they are commercialized. 

2. Fashion Shows

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Fashion shows today are used as a way to showcase the likely fashion hits of upcoming seasons. A lot of the trends that emerge today are inspired by the looks that are seen on the runways during Fashion Week events. Many wait in anticipation to see what designers have come up with for upcoming seasons. 

Many trends emerge from runway looks because they are original ideas produced by the creativity of fashion designers and have not been seen before. Fashion shows also feature couture pieces, which are custom made outfits made to fit one’s body. These usually are highly anticipated as they are beautiful, lavish designs and look like they’re from a dream.

3. Celebrities

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This one should come as no surprise. Celebrities are one of the biggest driving forces in the creation of trends. That’s because they are highly influential and people tend to follow and copy everything that they do. A great example of this would be Kylie Jenner. Every time she posts a picture of herself on Instagram, people want to wear the outfits she is wearing and dress like her. Fast fashion companies like FashionNova also model and design some of their outfits on Kylie’s style, and market the outfits as look-a-likes and cheaper alternatives to what she may have originally been wearing. 

Also, since celebrities have large fan bases/following, they tend to have a wider reach than magazines would. In today’s world, celebrities have become trendsetters and a source that people turn to for fashion and style inspiration.

4. Bloggers/Influencers

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With the prevalence of social media platforms and online blogs, bloggers and influencers have become another big driving force in trend creation. Similar to celebrities, bloggers and influencers today have amassed large audiences who follow and look up to them. As a result, brands and designers also reach out to influencers to help promote their products.

Fashion bloggers and influencers set their own trends by styling their outfits in various ways and sharing them on their many social platforms. They offer a different perspective on the fashion industry and their followers seem to enjoy that.

I hope by now you have a better understanding and an answer to ‘where do fashion trends come from’. They can come about from many things, and have a huge impact on the global fashion industry. With the advent of social media, one thing’s for sure: fashion trends will continue to change in how they come about over the years.

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Written by Nabz