10 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Are you aware of the fact that a good night’s sleep is extremely essential to stay healthy? Yes, it is as important as following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. 

People who don’t sleep properly are usually unable to deliver their 100% in performing different types of tasks, which has a negative impact on their overall performance. 

Other health concerns of sleep deprivation may include weight gain, which could lead to obesity and its related medical conditions. Also, lack of sleep may also result in a health condition known as sleep paralysis.

If you want to take the best care of your health, start with getting enough sleep on a regular basis. To help you in this regard, here we have put together the 10 most useful tips to sleep better at night. 

Here we go! 

Avoid Blue Light Exposure at Night

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The blue light that is emitted from our TV, smartphones, and laptop screens could be one of the biggest reasons behind the majority of people going through insomnia. 

If your eyes are exposed to bright light at night for a long time, it could trick your brain and make it feel as if it is still daytime.

You can wear glasses that block blue light exposure. These are widely available nowadays. You can also consider installing apps on your smartphones and computers that could also block light coming out of the screen by usually changing the color of the display. 

Get As Much Daylight As Possible 

During the daytime, increase your bright light or sunlight exposure. You’d be surprised to know that this is also one of the best tips on how to sleep better at night. Sunlight or bright daylight keeps your circadian rhythm —  the natural clock in your body — healthy and working perfectly. 

This will not only have a very positive impact on your daytime energy but also let you enjoy the improved quality as well as the duration of your nighttime sleep and help you fight issues like insomnia. 

Control Your Consumption of Caffeine 

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Caffeine products like coffee and tea are widely advertised keeping in view their numerous benefits. They help you feel more awake and energetic, boosting your focus and performance. 

However, this quality of caffeine could be counterproductive for you if it is consumed later in the day. It could stimulate your nervous system, keeping it alert and attentive in an unnatural way, curbing your body to feel relaxed at night. This could seriously disturb your sleep patterns. 

Avoid Irregular Sleep Patterns

Sleeping and waking up in regular and consistent patterns is one of the best tips to sleep better at night. It is mainly because our body’s natural clock automatically adjusts itself and functions in a set loop, synchronized with the sunset and sunrise. 

A medical survey showed that people who follow irregular sleep patterns get their natural system disturbed, which often results in poor sleep at night and it could lead to insomnia. 

Key Takeaway: Try your best to get yourself into a regular and well-organized sleep/wake cycle. You can start working on your new routine over the weekends. If possible, set an alarm and try to wake up at more or less the same time every day. It would be only a matter of days before you start to feel improvement in your sleep patterns and quality. 

Stay Away from Alcohol 

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Another very surprising tip on how to get better sleep at night is about staying away from alcohol. By consuming only a couple of drinks at night over a friendly discussion could have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep as alcohol could make you snore more. 

It may also alter the amount of nighttime melatonin produced in your body, disrupting your natural sleep pattern. So, keep yourself from alcohol intake, especially before bedtime. 

Make Changes to Your Bedroom Environment 

The majority of people prefer cozy arrangements in their bedroom as it helps them sleep better. Well, that is absolutely true. Your bedroom environment may have a crucial role to play in terms of getting a good night’s sleep. 

Some of the most prominent aspects of your bedroom’s environment that you need to work on include temperature, noise, lighting, and furniture arrangements. Factors like noise pollution, especially generated by the traffic on the road could be a reason for poor sleep, leading to long-term health problems. Make sure to optimize your bedroom in a way that it transforms into an absolutely quiet, relaxing, and comfortable place. 

Stop Eating Late in the Evening 

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This is also one of the most useful tips to sleep better at night. Your metabolism could alert your brain, hampering the natural release of special chemicals like melatonin that trigger sleep. 

However, it also depends on the quality of food you’re eating. Consuming large quantities of unhealthy meals like oily and junk food items before bedtime can lead to poor sleep and hormonal disorders. On the other hand, light and healthy snacks that too a few hours before going to bed may help you sleep better. 

Unwind, Relax and Clear Your Mind Before Bedtime 

Don’t think too much about the troubles or issues you may have faced during the day. Clear your mind from every bad thought. Follow a pre-sleep relaxing routine to feel better and more relaxed. 

Different types of pre-sleep relaxation techniques have been proven effective in many cases. Most of them are used to treat insomnia by medical experts. Some of the most common and effective relaxation strategies may involve listening to relaxing podcasts, reading your favorite book, gentle massage, a hot bath, and different types of meditating, such as deep breathing, and visualization.

Choose Comfortable Bedding Accessories 

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Along with a cozy environment, you also need to equip your bedroom with accessories that are highly comfortable and relaxing. So, upgrade your bed, mattress, or pillows, if needed. 

According to various studies, it has been observed that a poor quality bed, mattress, and pillow not only affect your sleep quality but could also result in joint or back pain. This is why upgrading them is one of the best tips to sleep better at night. Also, it is recommended to upgrade your bedroom accessories at least every 5 to 8 years.

Facing Sleep Disorder? Consult Your Doctor 

Don’t unnecessarily prolong things if you can’t get rid of sleep issues, there might be an underlying health condition. Some of the most common sleep disorders are sleep apnea, sleep movement disorder, and circadian rhythm sleep/wake disorder. So, if you have been struggling with sleep for a long time, it is better to see a doctor. 

This brings us to the end of our detailed article on the 10 most useful tips to sleep better at night. Follow the ones that suit you the most to enhance your sleeping patterns and wake up fresh every day. If you want to live a healthy life, make sure to start getting enough sleep at night first — and the rest will follow. 

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Written by Spencer K