These Effects of Politics Are Promoting Hatred Among People

It is a fact that no one can deny that politics have a great influence on our lives, either directly or indirectly. Wikipedia defines it as the process of making decisions that apply on individuals or group of members. So, it can be one of the main reason behind our close association with politics. This close association results in the development of perspective according to what we have been shown and told.

When talking about running the affairs in a particular state or country, politics play a major role. It helps people gain power and following. In today’s world, due to the existence of modern technology it is very easy to spread one’s message across multiple mediums across the globe. However, it depends what message has been publicly.

People use multiple channels to get socialized and keep themselves aware about the latest happenings in their surroundings. While being deeply involved in the world of digital media, people usually pay great focus on the news they come across through multiple mediums such as newspapers, social media and most importantly news channels.

Politics is a way of manipulating multiple mediums that is accessed by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis and using them in their interests. Politicians around the world are very good at it and this is one of the main reason they make people to have a very strong viewpoint about them, either negative or positive. However, on a wider perspective it is observed that politics has more negative effects on people’s mind than positive.

Negativity of politics is the reason behind the uncontrollable spreading of hatred among people and societies causing increased violence and vandalism. On the basis of some facts and ground realities we are about to shed light on some of the most significant effects of politics promoting negativity and pessimism across the globe.

Nepotism in Politics

Image Source: The New Yorker

Nepotism is actually all about favoritism that is reflected through someone’s behavior while treating their relatives and others. It speaks about the unfair importance that people give to their relatives in the circumstances affecting many others in different walk of life, including business, entertainment, sports and most importantly politics.

Nepotism in politics is another thing that has disrupted the political system around the world. It has almost put people into a state of disbelieving. Politics on national and international level is something that is expected by people to be filled with unbiasedness. However, this perception contradicts if we talk with respect to the actual happenings and factual basis.

The plague of political nepotism is making people suffer around the world. It is the feeling of frustration and victimization that causes people to start hating each other while getting involved in violence and vandalism.

Political Dynasty

Image Source: Millennial Lawyer

There’s no doubt in it that political dynasty is something that is practically unfair. It can be taken as one of the most negative feature of the political culture followed all around the world. It creates a sense of unreliability among people regarding the political system. However, there are many people who support dynasty politics as according to their point of view politics run in a blood of a particular family and that they can better take care of a particular country’s or state’s affair.

No matter what people’s view about dynasty in politics are, it is one of the main reason of the widespread of hatred among different societies around the world. This is why, we have included it in the list of the effects of politics promoting negativity on a global scale and this practice should be discouraged at all level.


Image Source: The News International

Corruption in politics is creating a mess all around. There are many people who are a part of the world’s politics now but at the same time they have a very shady history regarding the ways they have accumulated wealth. Though there are rules and laws present to bring such people to justice but again when they are in power, they can easily manipulate proofs to protect themselves from getting imprisoned.

This is one of the main thing that people have lost faith and interest in politics, finding their own way of bringing a positive change in the system that is ruling the societies. This makes them to take desperate measure and sometimes in fight against corruption gives birth to an anarchy-like situation where these so called corrupt politician try to save themselves, trying to prove those allegations wrong.

Hiding their evil face behind the appeal of innocence and sympathy, these clever politicians try to cover up their corruption by taking public support while making people belonging to even the same group to become enemies of each other.

This is undoubtedly a pure example of dirty politics that is used by the leaders and powerful individuals wrongfully to draw in all the money for themselves. These are some of the significant effects of politics that has never done any good to the world and are only making things worse. However, if we all get united against the political and social ills of the societies, we can make this world a better place!


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