Why Trump may win a Second Term in Office?

Trump is not the first controversial President in US history and he may certainly not be the last. Over the years there have been more concerning figures in the White House than Donald Trump. Despite his rhetoric, sometimes unassuming comments and absurd promises, it still looks like he is delivering his manifesto. If things continue to proceed the way they are, Trump is likely to be re-elected in 2020. 

Cause for concern

Many people disagree that Trump will be returning to the White House. Here we list some of their leading arguments and why the Commander in Chief will blitz past these come Election Day next year:

The midterm elections

The Democrats lost the Lower House to the Republicans in the recent midterm elections and although President Trump wasn’t in the run, people believe this is a strong sign pointing towards an upcoming defeat for him. What most people fail to realize is that Bill Clinton and Obama both had decisive defeats in the 1994 and 2010 midterm elections and yet they went on to win re-elections comfortably. 

Moreover, in the last 40 years, only two Chief Executives seeking a second term in office have failed. All others have sailed through. 

US economy

There are diverging views about the current state of the US economy. Some say it is stable while others say it may be heading towards recession once again. The numbers contradict the latter’s claims with a Bloomberg News survey showing just a 35% chance of the economy going into recession within the following year. 

Approval ratings

President Trump has a 43% approval rating at the moment and this is considered one of the key factors in deciding the re-election of a President. This is the only factor that is currently irrefutable because despite being controversial, all other presidents who won re-elections had positive approval ratings. 

Why the President still has a chance

Despite these arguments, it is hard to see why Trump won’t win another stint at the helm of the world’s biggest economy. Especially since his rivals are all in disarray. 

A strong backing

The Republican Party has already granted Trump the authority to run for a second term. Donald Trump alone has been raising more funds than any of his Democratic rivals. His party have been a strong support for him through thick and thin. The representatives still continue to shield his actions and defend him at all times. This support will matter a lot when Election Day arrives in 2020. 

Geographic advantage

According to a news report from Bloomberg, Donald Trump has such a strong geographic advantage that even if he loses the popular vote by five million, he will still conquer the presidential race quite comfortably. 

Lack of a viable competitor

Trump is a strong contender and so far the Democrats have failed to raise a candidate who can challenge him. The President has delivered on every promise he made in his manifesto. He continues to steer the country clear of any major conflicts and with the economy going in his favor too, his road to victory looks quite clear. 

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Written by Spencer K