The Exit and Re-entry of Spiderman in MCU

Marvel fans are well aware of the story surrounding Spiderman and how the superhero lost his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, albeit for a small time. In this article, we take a look at what went down that caused a split that shook the fans and how all was well at the end. 

The Background

It all began in the aftermath of the latest Spiderman solo feature; Homecoming. Sony Pictures, the studio that owns the filming rights to the comic book character, has talked about the split with Disney that will see the web-slinger out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Sony was disappointed by Disney’s demand for a 50/50 cut on all the revenue made by Spiderman movies, instead of its previous deal, which only included 5 percent from the first dollar gross and merchandising revenue. 

Back in 2015, Sony and Marvel brokered their rights sharing arrangement, which meant Spiderman could appear in Avengers movies and vice versa. The split therefore presented a huge plotting headache for both the companies, as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man had appeared in five Marvel Cinematic Universe films to date, and Far From Home hinted towards the next major Avengers storyline.

The failure to reach a new deal also prevented Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from appearing in any more of the new Marvel Studios films, which was seen as a significant loss to the studio, given the back to back appearance of the character in recent Marvels movies. The loss of Spiderman to the MCU was not only a big blow to the company but also to the fans, who campaigned on Twitter to bring the hero back to the neighborhood where he now belongs.

The Reconciliation

A month back, both Marvel and Sony buried the hatchet together and came to a new agreement and at the same time announced a third Spiderman film in the Homecoming series. Otherwise, Tom Holland’s spidey superhero was on the verge of existing exclusively in Sony’s new Spiderman universe, which includes other characters like Venom.

In addition, Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios co-president said in an interview that he is thrilled that Spiderman will continue its journey in the MCU and also explained how the character has become a significant and powerful icon whose story entices all kinds of audiences and age groups around the world. 

Furthermore, Spiderman never really left the MCU. It was always a game as there is too much money on the table and a lot of future potential for both sides to walk away forever obviously. Some movie buffs also said that Spiderman returning to the MCU was inevitable, because well, it was.


Lastly, under this new deal, Marvel and Disney will receive roughly 25% of the profits and Disney will retain its merchandising rights. As part of the arrangement, Spiderman will appear in one future Marvel Studios film. So, the next Spiderman movie in the Homecoming trilogy is currently set to be released on July 16, 2021, and that movie will be co-produced by Amy Pascal, who was also a producer on the first two Homecoming movies. 

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