Ball Games to Bodybuilding: A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Starting with B

There are sports for everyone at this age of time. With the invention of so many sports since the start of time, we will take a look at some exciting sports that can be played in teams as well as individually starting with the letter B. Read below to find out some popular sports that start with B!


A common sport that is played widely around the world. Badminton was invented in mid-19th century previously played as a game of battledore- a name used for a racquet back then and shuttlecock.

It is most popularly played as a game of singles – two players against each other or doubles – two players per team. Badminton is played casually as well as competitively in international matches and championships around the world. This game is suitable for people of all ages which makes it a fun activity to play at family and friends gathering.


Baseball is a popular sport, regarded as one of the top and oldest sports played in the United States. It is also enjoyed as a pastime activity that can be played in an open ground with family and friends.

Baseball is a team sport played between teams of two, with 9 players each. This bat and ball game is played within 9 innings with an offense and defense team. One team bats and runs while the other team bowls and fields the ground.

The are four bases on a baseball field which are for players to run around in order to score points. This is done once the ball is hit by the bat. If a complete round is done, then the person scores a point.


An exhilarating cycle sport that involves the use of a special bike known as a BMX bike. This is typically used for off-road racing and similar types.

Individual racers ride in groups of up to 8, across a special track with the objective of finishing first in the race. It has two variations: freestyle BMX racing and competitive BMX racing.


Another popular US sport that has been played since 1980 and also rose to popularity around the world. Basketball is a famous school/college sport with professional teams and scholarships awarded as a basketball player.  

At a national level, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most widely known leagues in the US with renowned players and an impressive fan following from around the world. Basketball has a high television viewership of around 26 million audience and die-hard fans who attend the live games. The rules for a Basketball are simple- it is team sport with five players in each team played in a rectangular court. The objective of the sport is to score a point by throwing the ball through the defender’s hoop, while stopping the opposing team from scoring a goal.


This Olympic sport came into being when the first game of beach volleyball took place in Hawaii at a beach in 1915 – hence, the name to the sport. Similar to the original game of volleyball, it is popular played in parts of the world at local beaches as it is a great pastime activity and easy to play.

It is played professionally as a competitive sport with a set of rules for the game. The game takes place in a sand court with two players in each team on opposite sides. The goal is to throw the ball in the ground of the opponent’s court through the net.


Boxing is a combat sport which involves fighting techniques in the form of throwing punches. It is played between two opponents in a boxing ring who wear protective gear such as gloves, mouth guards, headgear etc. Popular boxing figures include Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury and many more.

Boxing can also be played as a solo sport with the use of a boxing bag that hangs from a surface.


Q. How is Beach Volleyball different from a game of volleyball?

Beach volleyball is played professionally in a sand court or at a beach.

Q. Which sports that start with B are played with a ball?

Basketball, baseball and beach volleyball are some of the popular sports that involve playing with a ball.

Q. Which is the oldest bat and ball sport played in the US?

Baseball is one the oldest bat and ball game played in America which is still popularly played across the country.

Q. What is a combat sport starts with B?

Boxing is a fighting sport that starts with the letter B.

Author’s Opinion:

From ball games to bodybuilding sports such as boxing, these are some of the top played sports around the world. Without any doubt, everyone knows at least a name or two from this list of sports that start with B!

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