Beyond the Norm: Why These Weird Sports Are Trending

Welcome to another blog where we have compiled a list of some weird sports that exist and are played worldwide. Read below as we dive into the world of unique sports, one sport at a time!

Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw is a team sport played with an unusual yet unique ball that is made with ‘rattan’ or synthetic plastic. This competitive sport is played between two teams of either two, three, or four players. The court is similar to a badminton court. Players take up distinct roles in the game, either as a Tekong, a Killer, or a Feeder. Sepak takraw is considered one of the hardest sports in Asia. You need some exceptional kicking skills to master this sport!


This is a quite popular Asian sport that involves full contact between the players. Kabaddi is an unusual sport because of its play and tactics. Two teams of seven players engage in a gameplay where a “raider” – a member of one team runs into the opponent’s half of the court. He has to tap as many opposing players as possible and quickly return to his side of the court, all within 30 seconds and without being touched by the other team members.

Ostrich Racing

Ostrich racing is a fierce sport that involves racing with riders on the back of an ostrich! Yes, you heard that right! Ostriches are regarded as the fasted birds on land. The racing competition is similar to horse racing; it can also take place on wagons with wheels. It is said to be native to Africa but has spread to other regions such as the United States. Definitely, not a sport that is on my bucket list!

Wife Carrying 

This is a contest that was first introduced in Finland. Yes, even the name sounds bizarre but it is exactly what it suggests – male competitors carry their female partners and run. The aim is to complete an obstacle track in the shortest time possible to win the race.

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Toe Wrestling

Arm wrestling but make it a bit weirder and extremely uncomfortable. Toe wrestling competition involves contestants with their bare feet – interlocking their toes and wrestling to push their rival’s foot to the floor. An annual toe wrestling world championship is held in Welton, England. There are different categories for men, women, and even for young participants!

Cheese Rolling

This activity is said to be around for a long time but I bet a lot of you haven’t even heard of it. Cheese rolling was invented on a Spring Bank Holiday in England and now it is an annual event known as the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake. It involves a bunch of players racing down Cooper Hill as a big block of cheese is suspended down the hill. The participants run down to retrieve it as the winner!


You might have seen this sport being played in Harry Potter and wondered how strange it is. Well, this turned out to be a real-life sport as it was first played in a college in Vermont. This Harry Potter-inspired game is played in several schools and colleges in the US. There are four key roles in the game: chaser, keeper, beater, and seeker. The ultimate objective of the game is for the chaser to throw the quaffle – a deflated ball in the hoop to score a win. The players also hold the broomsticks in between their legs while playing!


Q. What country was Sepak Takraw?

Sepak Takraw is said to have originated in Malaysia.

Q. What are the rules of wife carrying?

A distinct rule for the game is that the female companion must be over 17 years of age and the minimum weight to be carried is 49 kilograms (108 pounds).

Q. Who won Asia Cup Kabaddi 2023?

India won this year’s Adia Cup title for kabaddi.

Q. What is the prize for cheese-rolling?

The winner who reaches down the hill first wins the cheese as the prize!

Author’s Opinion

Just like me, I think a lot of people haven’t heard of at least one of these weird sports. As for me, I think wrestling being an official game is the most shocking revelation. You can think of it as a crazy and funny activity to try out with your siblings or group of friends but participating in a toe wrestling competition is something that I can never think of doing in my whole life!

What do you think?

Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.