Volleyball vs. Summers: How to Embrace the Hot Season Game?

Volleyball is the ultimate summer season sport that is a multiplayer game and it can be played as 2 player sports as well, with teams of two on each side. It is commonly enjoyed as a recreational sport but it is also a competitive sport that is played in schools and colleges as well as professionally in the Olympics and other contests.

We will discuss below the best season to play volleyball, how it is played and types of volleyball games that exist. Volleyball is played in an indoor court as well as outdoors. This makes volleyball in summers an ideal sport. Both the games of volleyball, which we will discuss below in detail, are played in the Summer Olympics since decades!


So how is it played? One player from a team serves the ball to start a ‘rally’ – tossing or suspending it and then passing it with the hand or arm, through the net, into the opposing team’s court. The other team must ensure that the ball does not touch the ground, within their court.

One player from a team cannot touch the ball two times in a row, while an overall team can touch the ball up to three times to send it back to the other side of the court.

Most commonly, the first two touches are an attempt to attack the other team. The objective is to throw the ball over the net in way that makes it hard to pass the ball back, making the other team lose the point and the rally. The winning team is the one that secures the rally, then the game begins again as the ball is served to start again.

Some common mistakes that are associated with the game include:

  • Touching the net with the ball causing a net foul.
  • Ball touching the opponent’s ground without passing over the net.

A player’s foot crossing the boundary line when serving.


There are two types of volleyball games that are popularly played in the summer season with different championships held around the world. These include the original volleyball game and beach volleyball, of which the first game was played in 1915 at a beach.


This is the original game of volleyball that was first played in the year 1895 in Massachusetts. The team sport is played on a court with two teams consisting of six players each.

Fun fact: volleyball was originally known as “Mignonette”, invented by William G. Morgan. The name is said to be inspired by  the game of badminton, because of its similarity to the sport.

Beach Volleyball

The first game of beach volleyball was recorded on the Waikiki Beach, Hawaii in 1915 – giving the name to the sport. Eventually, it became popular in parts of the United States and other countries as it was regarded as a cheap sport that could be played easily with other people.

It has been till now played as an Olympic sport. The activity consists of two players in each team on each side in a sand court, with the aim to throw the ball in the ground of the opponent’s court which is divided by the net.


While volleyball – both the OG game and the beach game are perfect outing sports and a great way to spend quality and fun time with friends and family. However, since it is played in the summer season, you should stay hydrated and wear sunscreen especially when playing outside. Moreover, if you are playing volleyball at the beach, you can always have a nice swim afterwards!

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.