Racism Is Poisoning Our Societies. How Can It Be Curbed?

Racism has taken a toll on our society. Everyone wants to be and should be treated equally. Racism creates this line of disrespect between people, a society where people have problems trusting each other, even worst is when they hold hatred for each other, shows that our society is in a bad shape.

This needs to stop!

It is us only, the whole society together, that can bring about a change. Racism is worsening daily and strong actions must to be taken to stop it. All of us together can make a great change, every little effort and step counts.

Stop laughing at racist jokes

Source: Veterans to Christ

Joking about somebody’s color or age is definitely not right in any manner. Making sexist, racist, ageist jokes and thinking it looks cool makes it even worst. We have to stand firm on the fact that we should not be laughing at any such jokes to show that we discourage this behavior.

By laughing we portray that we acknowledge the joke, which gives encouragement to the people carrying out such immoral acts. Speaking up against them saying ‘I don’t find that funny’ or ‘I don’t appreciate jokes like these’ is sure to bring about a huge difference.

Getting to know different people

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We should never confine ourselves to just one kind of people or putting it as ‘our’ kind of people. We should be open to knowing every single person who we come across without being concerned about their color or age etc.

Instead we should look for things that we have in common with the people we meet. This allows us to have a common ground with them and celebrating the differences. It also helps us appreciate something about everyone when getting to know them.

Words can be hurtful

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When joking, people sometimes forget their boundaries, this leads to others getting hurt. Words are powerful, if they have the ability to flatter someone, they are equally capable of causing pain. Don’t just assume or associate the people with a certain race unless you actually know it.

For example, some people like being called as Latino, while others prefer Hispanic. So, unless you aren’t sure of what race do they belong to, don’t try putting them down with however you think of them. We need to be careful about what we speak and how we speak around people, be it anyone.

Role model, be one

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Setting an example by acting righteously, is one of the prime steps, that needs to be taken. Each one of us has to step up, set an example and become a role model. Being vocal about opposing racist statements or comments will surely set you apart from the crowd.

Start with being vocal amongst your family and friends who respect your opinions. Once you start, others will definitely get influenced and follow your lead. Help other people in understanding why is it wrong and educate them about this needs to stop.

Work in a diverse environment

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Workplace is the best environment to meet the most diverse kind of people under one roof. Working alongside people from different race and cultures helps us break the ice and communicate with them. This builds familiarity which eventually leads to nurturing friendships.

With projects being similar, it gives us a chance to connect more with different people, getting to know about their cultures. Once we start to acknowledge other cultures, we start believing that being from a different race doesn’t make any difference, in the end everyone is equal.

Explore different places

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Travelling teaches a person a lot with all the excitement and adventure that it brings. Try travelling to places where you are in minority and explore cities where they have a culture that is different than yours. Understand why is their culture different and what is it all about.

Get a clear insight directly into how do they live, what do they eat, their occasions, their history, their historical monuments, their language etc. This will help you embark upon an amazing experience of getting acquainted with the people there in a better way.

Proactive parenting

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Parenting with all the do’s and don’ts that you have for your children should also include teaching them the concept of diversity. It is essential for them to be exposed to this since a very young age. They need to know the reasons of it being wrong and unethical.

Children can’t be made to sit and given a lecture about this, there are many different ways through which this concept can be instilled. Reading to them the stories that talk about a different culture and discussing TV shows and movies showcasing such concepts.

They can be put into playgroups that have kids from different races and cultures so they can benefit from knowing a different race from childhood.

Racism in any form has to be prohibited and boycotted, for our societies to advance and grow together, because divide and rule is an absolutely obsolete concept now!


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