Tik Tok is a platform for short videos (15 years). Users can upload their own videos to be shown to the public. In Tik Tok, you can see many beautiful animals, beautiful landscapes, different types of food, muscular men and beautiful girls.

To be honest, I’ve never seen so many beautiful girls before. Everyone wants to show the best to the public and is a great platform for children.

Tik Tok is a platform founded by the Chinese company ByteDance, known in China as Douyin. It is estimated that 85% of Tik Tok users are under 24 years old. Today, Tik Tok is very popular in the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Indonesia, Russia and many other countries.

Of course, China is the most popular place. Almost all the boys know Douyin now. So, if you like fashion or want to promote young people online, this is the right time to get involved.


In fact, I do not know the market strategy of this great company, but I know that I like Tik Tok. You know what interests me. I love pets and sports, so most of the short videos about dogs, cats and cute cats are other interesting sports. Sometimes I cannot control myself to stop dragging the screen. I’m really into that.

It’s not a secret that most people love Facebook and Instagram in recent days, but now Tik Tok users are growing very fast.

 Now let me explain why I like Tik Tok:

1.  The videos are beautiful and interesting.

Like Instagram, Tik Tok’s video can be treated with Filter and Beauty so that almost all videos are beautiful.

2.  Everyone has the opportunity to have fans.

Can you imagine that you have more than a million fans and fans? You can reach it in Tik Tok. The success rates in Tik Tok are very high.

When your video receives “likes”, comments or actions, it becomes more accessible to people. As you get more “likes”, comments or actions, your video will be shown to everyone who loves it.

This is the key algorithm of Tik Tok. You can identify your interests according to the user’s operating habits and browsing history so that you know what interests you. If you create videos that people like, you win. If you are looking for more pet fanatics, just download videos of cute dogs or cats.

Maybe you’re next to get 1 million likes during the night. It is also a great opportunity for those who run their business.

Imagine if you run an online clothing store, you have 1 million fashion fans … Orders can happen one after the other. If you are an online entrepreneur today, you cannot miss this opportunity to be better known. In fact, many Douyin users in China have many fans of their niche and sell products directly.

3.  You can have fun here.

Users are trying to gain visibility because they never like so many people. Almost all the videos you see are great. Most of the videos are obviously attractive and Tik Tok will show it to you. Then this makes the users have fun. Almost all videos are based on your interests


Once connected, simply use the magnifying glass icon to choose between popular users, background music and hashtags. Under the “Continue” item, only a selection of the manually selected content is displayed.

To create your own 15-second clip, simply press the plus button. Use the effects menu below or the left menu bar to add different filters or decrease or accelerate the speed. If you want to produce a lip sync video, simply click on the note above.


You can download Tik Tok and download your first video. If you have seen videos of Tik Tok, you know how easy it is to get preferences, comments and sharing. 3 to 5 years ago, it was also easy to get traffic with Instagram, but now it’s very difficult. So, you already know how important this opportunity is. Start your video now.


Now you know a lot about Tik Tok. Have you decided to try it? You can have a lot of fun. Do not forget to tell me your ID. Maybe I will like your videos.

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What do you think?

Written by Openiun