7 Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

With robots running around our homes, it seems like technology has taken over our lives. Well, not yet! The robots we are talking about in this article are actually vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed to clean hardwood floors as well as other surfaces. Before we learn more about them, let’s find out how a robot vacuum cleaner works and is it really worth it?

Do Robot Vacuums Really Work? 

Since you’ll be working with an automatic machine, cleaning your floors with robot vacuums is far easier than using a normal vacuum cleaner. However, the fact that is worth noting here is that robot vacuums require special care and attention. If you ask any person who is using a robot vacuum cleaner, they would tell you the same thing. 

Robot vacuums are compact cleaning devices and can be among the most useful additions to your living space to help you out with your household cleaning tasks. Because of their small size, they won’t take much space as a regular vacuum cleaner and can be stored easily anywhere in your home.

The Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors:

Now, let’s get started with our round-up of the 7 best robot vacuums for hardwood floors that are widely popular in the market these days.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum

Designed and sold by Anker, Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum is a very advanced cleaning machine, which has all the latest features that you may be looking for. It is a quiet and self-charging vacuum cleaner, which can not only clean hardwood floors but as well as surfaces with medium-pile carpeting.

It is one of the slimmest robot vacuums and has a very high suction power despite the fact that it makes very low noise. Once charged, it can give you up to 100 minutes of cleaning on plain and obstacle-free hardwood floors and other types of surfaces.

Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock has also become a well-known name in the robot vacuum industry in the US. Their Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop is considered one of the best robot vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors and many different household surfaces. The vacuum is designed to be careful around obstacles and corners of the room and tracks every movement.

It can clean up your home very quickly. As the name of this vacuum suggests, it has a mop attached to it, which can make the floors around the entire house sparkling clean and leave no dust behind. This vacuum cleaner can also move smoothly over carpet, rugs, and other surfaces.

OKP Life K2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Make your life more convenient with the OKP Life K2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which is one of the best automatic devices for day-to-day home cleaning. It is one of those robotic vacuum cleaners that come with four different cleaning modes. You can use the mobile app and a WiFi connection to control this cleaning machine and switch between modes you like.

When fully charged, it offers up to 100 minutes of run time, which would probably be enough for the floor cleaning task. Once K2 Vacuum Cleaner runs out of battery, it automatically goes back to the place in your home where its charging base is connected.

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

If you really want to experience the next level of robotic vacuum cleaning, then bring home the iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum. It is surely going to make the different types of household cleaning tasks easier for you. This vacuum has very powerful suction power. It can clean up the dirt and dirt particles and even the tiniest of debris from floors and carpeting in your home.

The vacuum cleaner has been equipped with advanced sensors, which helps it deep clean even the corners and edges in different rooms of your home. This also makes it ideal for people who have pets in their homes. The powerful vacuum power of this home cleaning device would suck even the tiniest of pet hair and particles from the floor. It is also one of the best robot vacuums for hardwood floors.

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum

Another great contender in the list of the best robot vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors is iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum. Along with advanced sensors, this vacuum cleaner has also been equipped with a high-tech navigation system, which allows it to navigate smoothly and easily find its way around your living space, even if there are obstacles and moving objects.

Your robot can easily map out your home and save it so that it could use it to carry out cleaning tasks smoothly in the future. Since it is a smart household product, it can also suggest different schedules that you can choose from as per your convenience to carry out your household cleaning tasks with your robotic vacuum cleaner. 

Wyze Robot Vacuum

Wyze Robot Vacuum is best known for its high precision in terms of cleaning and navigating. It gives you many different options to control and carry out floor cleaning tasks with it. With the help of a mobile application, you can connect with your vacuum cleaner over a WiFi network. You can also edit the data and customize it according to your need to select and target a specific part of your home for vacuum cleaning.

If you think that it wouldn’t be suitable for your vacuum cleaner to enter any particular room or area in your living space, you can specify it as a “no go zone” in your app and your Wyze Robot Vacuum would automatically avoid going there. It also constantly tracks its battery percentage and the vacuum cleaner returns to its charging station when the battery gets low.

Shark IQ Robot XL

Shark IQ Robot XL is one of the best robot vacuums for hardwood floors. The product is amazon certified, which also makes it compatible with Alexa, one of the most commonly used digital voice assistance in smart homes across the US. The bagless base of this robotic vacuum cleaner can hold dust and dirt for up to 45 days. It works with amazing suction power, which also enhances its deep cleaning capabilities. 

It also allows its user to do complete home mapping as well as select a particular room or part of their living space to schedule and execute vacuum cleaning tasks accordingly. This robotic vacuum cleaning is also intelligent enough to carry out cleaning methodically, navigating room by room for the coverage of the entire home

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It? 

Robot vacuums have been programmed to navigate around a living space smoothly. They have sensors powered by the latest technology that allows them to avoid obstacles and even save the entire map and floor plan of a home, increasing their capability to quickly and swiftly complete the cleaning tasks. Owing to all the aforementioned factors, robotic vacuum cleaners are among the most useful smart home devices

However, robot vacuums need proper care and cleaning. Their dust bins should be emptied and brushes should be cleaned every now and then, which is to make sure they are working fine and cleaning floors around your home properly. The performance and durability of a robot vacuum have improved a lot with time and it could be worth buying, depending on your household cleaning requirements.

Now, you know about some of the best robot vacuums for hardwood floors in your home. We hope the information we have shared in this article would help you find the right robot vacuum cleaner. 


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