Ghost Hunting 101: Gear Guide

Does the thought of a ghost not spook you? Are you are a fan of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Asylum, or Haunted Highway, and willing to take on some paranormal adventure? If yes, then this article is meant for you. Here we are going to list down and discuss all the important items you need in your ghost hunting gear as a beginner, so make sure to read it till the end.

What Is Ghost Hunting?

For decades, people have fantasized about ghosts and other types of mythological creatures. Their curiosity led them to go after the unexplained things and investigate them. With the advancement of technology, our devices and equipment kept evolving year after year. We got the ability to record our experiences and gather pieces of evidence of allegedly supernatural beings. This is how ghost hunting started in the first place.

In today’s world, we have TV shows and movies about ghost hunting. Some of these are based on true stories and incidents while others are totally fictitious, made for the purpose of infotainment. The field of ghost hunting is liked and followed by many people in today’s world like there are fans for football, baseball, and other adventure sports. As an aspiring ghost hunter, you need to have the right equipment to get started with your ghostly adventures. 

The Necessary Ghost-Hunting Gear You Need (for Beginners)

Some of the most useful and easily available things that you need in your ghost-hunting gear are as follows:


You may have noticed that most of the ghost hunting activities are carried out at night because it is widely believed that during the night time paranormal beings such as ghosts, spirits, and unexplainable creatures are the most active. Ghost hunters usually go to places that are dark and have no proper lighting arrangement.

This is why as a ghost hunter, it is very important for you to have a headlamp. It is the light source that is attached to your head and would through the light in the direction you are seeing for better visibility. It would protect you from bumping into things, which may cause accidents. 

Night Vision Cameras

Another very important that would help you see in the dark is the night vision camera. If you don’t want to turn on the lights to disturb your ghost fellows, then this equipment would help you out with your mission. A night vision camera has been designed to help you with visibility as it allows you to see in pitch-black surroundings with no light source.

It is one of the most important things you need to make a part of your ghost-hunting gear. Unlike a normal camera, a night vision camera is equipped with a special technology that captures infrared light and it illuminates things in the dark.

Sound Recording Devices 

You may be recording the sounds in your camera device but due to low light and visibility issues, it may not be possible to take your camera with you everywhere or record everything on video. This is where a sound recording device comes in handy and make sure you have picked a good one, which can capture the sound at different pitches.

There are many different types of digital voice recorders available these days that support high-resolution audio recording. There are some recorders that have large built-in storage and have expandable memory support. Digital voice recorders may look old-fashioned but they are still widely used by ghost hunters.

EMF Recorder 

Electromagnetic fields are widely used to detect any paranormal presence. It has been believed in the ghost-hunting industry that any paranormal activity would give high level and distorted readings of the electromagnetic field. This is where you would need an EMF recorder, which is basically designed to measure and record such readings.

EMF Recorder is easily available online these days. If you are unable to find one, you can simply install an EMF detector or recorder app on your mobile app and start with your home hunting. However, some apps may not properly work or detect the electromagnetic field, so make sure to check the reviews before downloading such apps.

Infrared Thermometer 

A ghostly presence may change the temperature of a room. So, how to detect it? Well, the best way to do that is to have an infrared thermometer in your ghost-hunting gear. It helps you take readings of the temperature of a room or any other place where you are carrying out your ghost hunting activities.

It has a screen where it shows the reading and it would detect even the tiniest change in temperature, which could be easily missed without such equipment. If it is detecting a cold spot within a room, then it could be a sign of a ghostly presence. Make sure all the windows are closed and there is no wind blowing, even from an air conditioning unit. The sudden change in temperature could easily be mistaken for paranormal activity.

Paranormal Kit 

There are also paranormal kits available for aspiring ghost hunters, which multifunction equipment and devices like the SB7T Spirit Box. It has a paranormal research device and a flashlight. You can also explore other options as well as choose a paranormal kit that suits you the best.

If you have ample arrangements and your budget allows you to splurge a bit, then you can also set up a CCTV camera surveillance system at the site where you are carrying out your paranormal hunting mission. Many CCTV cameras these days come with a night vision functionality, which would further assist you with your ghost hunting

Ghost Box

Have you got your ghost-hunting gear ready? If yes, then you would need a proper storage container that can be easily carried around with all the things you need. You can have something like a Wheeled Check-In Case for your paranormal chasing adventures. You can also include a walkie-talkie in your ghost box if you want to.

Any device that allows you to communicate within a short distance could be useful, especially if you are indoors and you are not getting any mobile network or WiFi signals. Always keep your important devices and equipment within a storage box, which is light as well as crashproof to keep them safe. 

Get all these items added to your ghost-hunting gear and prepare yourself for some paranormal adventures. Try to collect as many pieces of evidence as possible and don’t forget to document your experiences — it’d be a crazy and fun thing to do!


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