Has Artificial Intelligence Already Taken Over Us?

This question may arise in every other person’s mind living in 21st century because most of the gadgets we use in our daily lives have now been equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

Yes, it is all happening around us. According to the technological experts, Artificial Intelligence has the capability to make our lives easier if incorporated correctly in our daily routine.

Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Life 

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There is no stopping to the AI when it has become a very integral part of our everyday live. However, this thing will only get intensified as the time goes by since a lot of companies have either incorporated AI in their product/services or they are likely to do it in near future.

Is it like something we see in Sc-Fi movies?

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Undeniably, we have a lot of Sci-Fi fans among us who love to watch TV shows and movies based on the same subject. So, why do we love it so much? It is because they let us fantasize about the future of our world.

One important thing that has to be added here is that whatever they show on our TV screens is fabricated and far from reality. Each of the content they prepare for us has the element of drama and thrill to it in order to make it interesting to watch.

Yes, we now see personal assistants and robots who are the part of digital world but are making ways into our lives. Most of the people fantasize about a life where they have robots around them to help them out with everything, like they see in the movies.

Our Level of Dependency on AI Technology

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Whatever we use every day, we start becoming dependent on it. Whether it used for the purpose of work or for the sake of entertainment. For example, our dependency on mobile phones these days is pretty obvious.

The same thing implies in the case of Artificial Intelligence when it is being used by us every day. The ease and convenience we get to feel after not performing various tasks manually is what make us dependent on other things.

What happens if we become overdependent on AI technology?

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Excess of anything is harmful. Though Artificial Intelligence is making our lives easier but there are some things that have to be considered while making use of it.

Our cellphones, our computers, our cars and all the others gadgets that we use; almost everything around us has AI in it. It means a lot of tasks are now being done and supervised by artificial intelligence.

The use of AI technology to this extent means that a lot of things in our lives are not being controlled by us. We are becoming extremely dependent of the technological stuff around and this process now seems irreversible.

Are things going as planned?

Scientists and technologists around the world have bigger plans and strategies regarding the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives. They want to make this technology common in order to make things easier for us.

We know we are living in an era of technological advancements and to getting familiar with artificial intelligence has become the need of an hour for everyone. Yes, things can absolutely go as planned if we use AI in a controlled way.

Putting AI Technology in The Driver’s Seat

When discussing about AI technology, the talk on the presence of Autonomous Vehicles is a must. Things are still in process for the phenomenon of Autonomous Driving but we have come a long way in terms of its research and applications.

A lot of people are of the view that they Autonomous Vehicle can revolutionize auto industry around the world.

Let’s see how many of us are exactly ready to ride in a car driven by computers – especially when we know that the chances of malfunctioning or errors are always there. Remember that the technology is still in its testing phase.

Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

It has already been predicted by scientist and technologists, that AI would change a lot of things we are familiar of in our everyday life. This prediction is basically on the researches and advancements that made in the world of AI technology that Artificial Intelligence would soon change many things.

Taking a brief look at today’s version of AI in the field of customer support, we realize the real efficiency and agility of this technology. It helps customers quickly with a lot of tasks such as updating important information to smoothly undergo various transactional processes.

The AI technology in today’s world has become extremely advanced and sophisticated. It is now present almost everywhere.

So, has Artificial Intelligence already taken over?

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Again, it will be way too premature to come to any conclusion with this debate. However, the way we are showing our dependency on AI technology, it makes us believe that it has already taken over us.

Looking the other way around and keeping in view the developments being made in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it makes us realize that we are only half way there.

What do you think?

Written by Openiun