Fun in the Sun: The Ultimate Guide to Games for 7-Year-Olds

Searching for ways to keep your kids active and busy outside in the sun? We have complied a list of games for 7-year-olds that are age-appropriate and surely would make them stay away from the smartphones, tablets and TV for hours!


This classic game is easy to learn and can keep the kids playing for hours outside! T.A.G which translates to Touch and Go, can be played by a group of kids where one player who is referred as ‘It’ starts the game by chasing others and tags them while running around.

There are different versions of the OG game of TAG, that can be played by kids. However, our personal favorite is the freeze TAG where the ‘It’ person chases others and whoever gets tapped gets frozen, the person must stay still till one of the other players tap him/her.

Skipping Rope

This tool is a great way to turn exercise into an exciting game! Skipping rope game involves a long rope and a group of children. Players can take turns by two of them holding the rope from the sides like a balance beam while others walk through it carefully. To make things more challenging, the distance to the ground can be reduced after every game to see who can pass through it without touching the rope! If that is too difficult for your 7-year-olds, they can just do the cross over skips or run back and forth for hours!

Red Light, Green Light

An ideal kids’ outdoor game which is loved by kids. The game features a person who is the ‘Traffic Light’ who turns his back while the other kids are players who stand far away from him/her, in a line. The traffic light says ‘Green Light!’ which means that the players can march forward till he/she says ‘Red Light!’ and the kids have to stop and not move. Anyone who is caught moving even an inch is out while the player who reaches to the traffic light without getting caught becomes the winner and the next traffic light.

Simon Says

We all have played this game in our childhood. This is a quick yet easy game for kids of any age to play. Just gather a group of friends where one person starts off the game by saying ‘Simon says…’ completing the sentence by adding an action that the other players have to do. If the person mentions an action to do without saying ‘Simon says’ first and whoever, does it lose the game. This is a fun way for kids to use their brains and come up with unique, creative ideas.

Capture the Flag

This is a fun group game that promotes teamwork and strategy amongst kids. And what a fun way to learn this with the use of flags! The kids are divided into two teams with 1 flag for each group. Split the outdoor area into sections and place the flags for each team at the opposite sides. The kids have to capture the other team’s flag, whoever gets the flag has to save themselves from getting tagged by other team members while reaching the finishing point.


A beloved childhood game that instantly brings back memories if you see other kids playing it. This is a great way to make your kids familiar with numbers while adding some physical activity! All that is needed is some chalks and a sideway or path where the children can draw and play. You can draw seven or ten blocks. Start the game with throwing an object like a rock on the first square. While avoiding the block with the object, hop on to other blocks while reaching the end.

Sack Race

Make it a race competition with a prize for the winner! This kid’s game is an entertaining activity for the adults to also watch. Just get a couple of burlaps sacks or pillowcases for the players. Draw a starting and finishing line and let the fun begin!


Badminton is an ideal sport if you want your kids to get active and play outside every day. Just set up a net, a size appropriate for 7-year-olds and get some racquets and shuttlecock for them to play with.  

Musical Chairs

A popular birthday party and family gathering game, Musical Chairs is the ultimate source of entertainment for your kids! Take a couple of chairs and arrange them in a such a manner that they face outwards.

Note that the chairs should be one less than the number of the players. One person takes control of the music. Upon playing it, the players move around the chairs and as soon as the music stops, everyone takes a seat, while leaving one behind.


A popular game among young adults that is played professionally in most parts of the world. However, Cricket can be learned or taught at a very age as it takes practice to get good at it. This is a great game to play outside, in an open field. The game involves playing with a hard all and a bat. It is usually played with two teams. One team member bat while the other team members ball and spread out in the field to prevent and catch the ball. If the ball gets caught as a catch or hits the wicket, the player gets out. Everyone takes turn till the winning team is determined by the number of runs and outs scored.


A simple, traditional game that has been around for a long time. Hopscotch requires barely any learning or props so it is perfect for kids to play outside. Just draw some blocks with numbers and get a small rock or a small object similar to a rock to play.

Hide n Seek

Last but not the least, hide n seek is THE game for kids of all ages that never gets old. It is ideal to play it outdoors preferably at nighttime, find any hiding space and let the seeker find you! You can add some variations in it like freeze TAG- the person seeking can tag others and they can get frozen!

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Written by Openiun