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From Field to Future: The Impact of Sports on Every Kid’s Growth

There are some amazing benefits of playing sports for kids from a young age!

Sports help children become healthy and active. Getting physical exercise is necessary, and this is ideally done by playing sports which also prevents them from getting ill as their immunity is strengthened.

Moreover, it helps to stay away from screens and gadgets, which can cause an unhealthy addiction in children. Something that I am absolutely grateful for is that I spent my childhood playing outside – learning different sports with a bunch of friends, rather than spending time inside using gadgets. It really does help you a long way! Hence, youth sports are a great and productive way to utilize your free time. Children can find their interests and they can choose to play a sport professionally if start from a small age!


If you are looking for active sports for your kids to learn, then we have the ultimate list for you! These are beginner-friendly and every kid’s sports. Take a look at these popular kids’ sports and some least popular sports that are fun and packed with many benefits!

Solo sports

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Mini Golf
  • Skating
  • Horseback riding

Team sports

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Netball


Physical benefits of youth sports

While eating healthy and sleeping well are necessary for kids, getting physical exercise is key to kids’ growth. And what better way than playing sports? Sports strength and build muscles & bones and prevent many diseases that kids could suffer from at a young age! Playing sports helps to burn calories and maintain an ideal physique.

Psychological benefits of youth sports

Youth sports are not just limited to the physical benefits. It has been noted that sports promote the mental well-being of kids. From a young age, kids learn how to regulate their emotions. Team sports are a great way to engage in healthy competition, empathize with others, and learn how to deal with other people. It also helps them to release any stress or anger that they may feel.

Developmental benefits of youth sports

Sports play an important role in children’s development. By playing different sports, kids experience the joy of winning and the disappointment of losing. Both these emotions are essential for growing up, these are also aspects that one faces at different stages in life. Hence, learning how to deal with and manage them is a great benefit for kids. Children become emotionally mature quickly, they learn how to become independent. Sports also have a positive impact on the academic performance of a kid, if the right attention is given to both things.

Social benefits of youth sports

These are mainly through team sports. Whether played in school or outside, group sports are a great way to socialize with other fellow kids. These help to build bonds and make new connections which can be helpful in life.

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Most kids hesitate to speak up inside a classroom, but sports can help them engage in conversations – hence boosting self-confidence. This is something that I have experienced in life. I made better friends through sports, both in school and back home! Thus, it is safe to say that sports do have some excellent social benefits!


Q. What type of benefits do sports provide for children?

It provides physical, mental, social as well and developmental benefits to kids.

Q. What is the easiest sport for kids?

Running is the simplest sport to engage in.

Q. What is the ideal age to start sports?

Research shows that around the age of 6 or 7, children develop the concentration level and physical skills that are required for playing sports.

Q. What are the best sports for 11-year-olds?

Team sports that are safe, contact sports are ideal for 11-year-olds and older!

Author’s Opinion

As someone who has played a variety of sports in her childhood days, I can’t stress the importance of having your kids engage in multiple sports at a young age. We have discussed the many benefits that they provide and how they aid in the development of a child.

What do you think?

Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.