Frere Hall of 1865, Karachi Pakistan

Being one of the significant tourist spot in Karachi, one can’t possibly miss the Frere Hall upon visiting the city. Located between Abdullah Haroon road and Fatima Jinnah road, the Frere hall holds great significance due to its fine architecture that dates back to the British colonial era.

Although it was intended to serve as the City hall of Karachi, it has now become an exhibition space and library which is open to the public. It can currently be seen as a popular destination to cater to public city events, art exhibitions and shows etc.

An interesting fact regarding the Frere hall is that 12 architects proposed its design; however, only one design was approved that seemed to stand out the most which was by Lt. Col Clair Wilson. The entire facade is designed in a Gothic style utilising limestone and sandstone as its core material.

Photo courtesy: Maliha Javed


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