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Easy going Australia has a lot of choice when it comes to nudist beaches: where nudism is legal and accepted. Most of the destinations on this list are nested and are home to friendly and friendly naturist communities that welcome newcomers. For some, you may be the only person – just you, the sun, the sand, the waves … and not just a jersey to separate yourself from your environment. 


Undressing at the beach gives you a feeling of freshness. It also boosts self-esteem by allowing you to find that most people do not have a mannequin body. There is also a strong community of naturists, whose openness and conviviality stem from the fact that they have nothing to hide, not even tan lines. Many naturists say that the reason for nudity on the beach is simple: they feel more like themselves without their clothes getting bothered. 


If you’ve never been to a naturist beach before, just try common sense and respect. Remember that you have full control of when you want to undress and when you want to leave. Observe some basic rules and do not be afraid: do not throw trash, take pictures, have sex, wander outside areas reserved for naked, or just watch; Bring sunscreen and shade, take your time and stretch your towel before sitting on a chair when you are not wearing clothes. And do not forget to check out our list of the best nudist beaches for beginners. 


The legality of each beach depends on the state and the city council. Queensland is the only Australian state without a legal nudity beach. But stick to the recognized optional clothing ranges listed here and it is unlikely that you will encounter problems with the law. You will find that the general attitude of Australians is to live and live, even if you wear your birthday suit. 

Maslin Beach (Adelaide, South Australia) 

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Who has the best butt? Discover it at Maslin Beach, home to what was once called the Olympics Naked. The three-legged races of the competition have been organized here since 1983. Unfortunately, the name had to be changed a few years ago because the Australian branch of the IOC International Olympic Committee did not have fun and did not smile either. Maslin Beach Nudo Lympics (good try). Its official title is now Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games.  

Lady Bay Beach in Sydney (see below) is perhaps Australia’s oldest nudist beach, but Maslin Beach was the first to obtain legal status in 1975. The southern end of the beach, at 1 , 5 km, allows total nudity. The steep white cliff overlooking the squeaky sand occasionally attracts tourists, but this is rare and the armored creek feels far from the clad northern end. 

Sunnyside North Beach (Melbourne / Mornington Peninsula, Victoria) 

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For first timers, this place is for you. Sunnyside Beach has a friendly social atmosphere with a mixed crowd of families, couples and people who come here alone to feel anonymous in their nakedness among the crowd. The blue water rarely gets rough and the beach is isolated from the dressed side. 

Lady Bay Beach (Sydney, New South Wales) 

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It is the oldest nudist beach in Australia. When you undress at Lady Bay Beach, you take part in the story. The Australians have dared to reveal everything here for years before nudity was legalized in 1976. And it’s not fair to the ladies, as its name suggests: gay men, in particular, party to Lady Bay for decades, long before laws and attitudes became legionally open beyond this sandy cove. 

You can easily see how coming here at another time would have been a relief. You can get rid of the social mores of Sydney, sheltered by the two rocky natural pillars of Lady Bay, and feel free to behave as you wish, with the jagged panorama of the remote distant city. In modern and laid-back Sydney, gay and international visitors share the blue waters with heterosexual couples and their children without any worries. Although there is a cheeky belvedere well above the beach. 

Cow Bay, Queensland 

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This bay two hours north of Cairns is a tangle of nature. The wide stretch of beach is dotted with a rock obstacle course at high tide. A showcase of the wild Australian landscape surrounds you, with pungent jellyfish and hidden crocodiles, which drive away occasional voyeurs, but seem to attract visitors from Europe. The mangrove trees dominate the beach where the virgin Daintree forest meets the fine sand and calm waters of the South Pacific. Tropical trees will also shade you, and the branches will make natural swings. 



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