Foresight: Can we rely on technology for a better future?

It’s happening and we can all feel it. Of course, we in the middle of a technological revolution. The only question that needs to be asked at this point: Are we ready for it?

When we think of our future, we imagine flying cars and super-tall man-made structures. Somehow, we ignore the affects that could be caused to our societies and out planet as a result of these changes. Let’s not go to that point and think the way technology has affected our day to day life.

Over-dependence on technology

Everything has changed and nothing seems to be conventional. See how technology has taken over our lives and easing up our lives, it has made us highly dependent on it unlike ever before. Undoubtedly it can be admitted that up till now we are using these advancements mostly in positive way and that they are just adding more convenience to our lives.

Having come to know so many benefits of technology, most of us think that it can solve all our problems. However, this approach is absolutely incorrect as we cannot totally rely on machines to come up with every solution related to the discomforts we might face in our routines. Taking assistance from technology works well as to get accurate measurements and calculation, helping us in making better decisions.

Hollywood’s take on the future of technology

This video has been shared to just give you an overview the way they make show future of our world and societies (mostly in a negative way but with some elements of positivity as well). We know that filmmakers always want to create a hype and that they want more audience to get attracted towards their movie. This is why they brag about everything and while bragging for a particular technology, they sometimes even defy the laws of physics.

Apart from all the other fact, we it be concluded that a mix viewpoint has been shown in the movies about the future of mankind with technology. Though, all of these storylines are fictional as no one has seen the future but they still use some of the factual information fetched from the research and development done in technological world of the current time and then they mix it up with a lot of fiction – no offense.

Doing more harm than good – depending on our use

Everyone these days is looking up to the field of technology; to be successful, to achieve more from their life or just to enjoy a prosperous lifestyle. However, all of these happenings and situations are shaping up our future. The way people utilize their resources by saving time and money with the right use of technology. It still increases their level of dependency on the technological advancements happening around us.

The skyrocketing success of the field of technology can be determined by the fact that majority of the most valuable companies on earth are the tech firms. We say that it is these advancements that have become a threat to the existence of human race because a lot of horrific incidents have already been witnessed.

These modern-day gadgets have now made their place in every walk of life; in the form of smartphones, PCs and other kind of devices. They have made us lazy, sick and even cruel but we know that all these things are non-living, so who should be held responsible here?

Herbert Simons who was a highly renowned economist and political scientists describes this phenomenon as: “There are no morals about technology at all. Technology expands our ways of thinking about things, expands our ways of doing things. If we’re bad people we use technology for bad purposes and if we’re good people we use it for good purposes.”

The thoughts expressed above clarifies a lot of thing for us. So, taking things forward in a peaceful way with technology is absolutely up to us and if something is not right then humans are about to be blamed, not technology.

So, what future has in store for us?

The main thing for us to ponder is that technology brings a lot of possibilities for mankind. With the help of it, we can achieve a lot and again if used in a negative way it also gives us the power to destruct everything in our surrounding (nuclear bomb is one of the solid examples for such situation). Though technological advancements are capable of doing a lot but they just can’t help us to identify the difference between right and wrong. for that, we have to rely on our thinking and analysis to come up to some fair or at least justifiable decision.

So far, things are bit confusing and every day we come across with something new. Sometimes, it is encouraging and other times, it saddens us about the way people make use of the technology. No doubt, we have successfully used technology to explore outer space; we have been in space and to go in the areas beyond human reach, we are sending robotic probes to study more about the universe around us.

However, amidst all this positivity, we can never forget the incidents dropping nuclear bombs over the entire cities and all the weaponry that has been used against mankind. Along with these major drawbacks, we also have to look around us in our homes as our children are getting addicted to technology. They don’t go outside to play anymore, instead they prefer to spend time at home playing their favorite video game.

Ending on a positive note

Yes, we can rely on technology for a better future but again there are certain limitations and norms that we have to follow to keep everything desirably under control. Only, we have the power to stop self-destruction of mankind from happening because technology doesn’t know the difference in right and wrong but only we do.

What do you think?

Written by Openiun