8 Benefits of Fasting that May Surprise You

Fasting means keeping yourself from eating and drinking for a certain period of time. A lot of people around the world fast for the sake of religious obligations as well as to maintain their dietary habits. It may come as a surprise to you that fasting is actually extremely good for your health and wellness. It benefits your body in many different ways.

The eight health benefits of fasting that we are about to reveal in this article are surely going to amaze you, so make sure to read it till the end.

Reduces Insulin Resistance

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According to several researchers conducted by health experts, fasting greatly reduces the risk of diabetes. It improves blood sugar control in your body. The blood sugar-lowering effects that are the potential result of fasting could help maintain your blood sugar, preventing a sudden increase in its level. 

Reduced insulin resistance will also help your body to be more sensitive to insulin, allowing glucose to transport through your bloodstream more efficiently, which is a primary source of energy for cells. 

Aids Weight Loss 

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Fasting aids weight loss in a number of ways. First of all, you will keep yourself from all or certain types of foods, hot and cold beverages, which ultimately decreases your overall calorie intake. It has also been found out that whole-day fasting could significantly reduce your body weight between three to six months.

In a nutshell, according to many research and surveys, it was out found that, when it comes to increasing fat loss, fasting is more effective than all the other types of diets based on calorie restriction.

Increases Growth Hormone Secretion 

Research indicates that Human growth hormone (HGH), which is a protein-based hormone, plays a vital role when it comes to improving and maintaining your overall health. Fasting could is a highly effective natural way to increase HGH levels. It is one of the biggest health benefits of fasting.

Since fasting plays a very key role in maintaining blood sugar and insulin levels all day long, it further optimizes levels of HGH in the body, according to a medical survey conducted on different individuals.

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May Aid in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

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According to research, fasting may aid in the prevention of cancer and also helps in terms of improving the effectiveness of the treatment of disease. A study also suggests that fasting restricts tumor development in the body and also makes chemotherapy treatment more effective.

More medical researches, surveys and studies are being conducted in terms of fasting and its influence on cancer and tumor development in the body and treatments of these deadly diseases.

Anti Inflammatory Benefits 

A study suggests that inflammation could lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer. According to medical research, reduced levels of inflammation is one of the biggest health benefits of fasting. 

One survey also shows that fasting in regular intervals (probably on a daily basis) for at least a month results in significantly decreased levels of inflammation. Another study also suggests that fasting may also be very useful when it comes to the treatment of multiple sclerosis, which is a severe inflammatory condition.

It May Help You Live Longer 

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With extremely powerful health benefits that boost your mental health and the functioning of your entire body, fasting may help you live longer. As discussed, some of the major health benefits of intermittent fasting over a certain period of time include insulin resistance, weight loss, healthy heart and anti-aging.

Speeds up the Metabolism

People widely believe that when they skip meals, their bodies adapt to their new and limited calorie intake routine by lowering the metabolic rate. However, this is not the case for intermittent fasting for short periods like for a month or so. In fact, one of the biggest health benefits of fasting is increased metabolic rate. 

Fasting enhances metabolism, boosting it by up to 14 percent, according to a recent health survey. It naturally increases fat-burning hormones due to the rise in the level of norepinephrine that also results in weight loss. Different types of health research projects and studies are conducted every now and then to better understand the impact of fasting on metabolism.

Improves Your Immune System

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According to widely conducted medical research and many other studies, an improved immune system is one of the biggest medical benefits of fasting. Intermittent fasting for at least 3 days helps the system of our body to start producing more white blood cells and it boosts up the immune system, increasing its effectiveness to infection.

There you have it — a detailed roundup of the eight surprising health benefits of fasting that you needed to know about. Based on the aforementioned information, we can safely conclude that fasting is way better than many other diet plans that may directly or indirectly deprive you of many essential nutrients, probably causing serious health problems.

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Written by Spencer K