6G Could Be 100 Times Faster Than Current 5G Networks

There was a time when having a 3G connection on your mobile device was a big deal. However, things are changing way too fast in the 21st century, and with the ever-increasing number of cellular phone users around the world, the need for internet connections that are fast and reliable — having larger bandwidths — is also rapidly growing.

We have come a long way from the era of GPRS and other simpler forms of the internet that required a bunch of cables and a dialler based on your telephone connection to get you connected to the internet.

It’s Not 5G — the World Is Already Eyeing for 6G Internet in 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic has made us realized how dependent we are on the internet and online communication mediums. In fact, it kept our lives going during the times when we weren’t even allowed to leave our homes due to the lockdown measures. There’s been a significant increase in global internet users amid the global pandemic situation. 

While many countries are still working on infrastructures to support the 5G bandwidths, the United States and China, which are two of the most technologically successful nations in the world have set their eyes on the development of 6G. 

What Will Be the Speed of 6G? 

The launch of 6G networks is going to be a major breakthrough in terms of internet connectivity. The data transfer rates on 6G internet technology will be up to 1 terabytes per second (1 Tbps). It does feel a little bit of science fiction, but it is going to be a reality soon. 

According to the current pace of progress and research work being done for 6G internet, it is expected to be launched somewhere near 2030. This blazing fast internet technology is going to greatly benefit the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), massively improving the computational capacity of these advanced, internet-powered systems.

6G vs. 5G — What’s the Big Difference?

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6G (the sixth-generation internet technology) is going to be a successor to 5G wireless networks. 6G internet will run on high frequencies, therefore it will have much more capacity and lower latency rates than 5G. 

Experts predict that 6G could get up to 100 times faster than 5G in many different aspects. It is going to be an enormous speed upgrade for internet users. Imagine with this next-generation technology, you could be able to download more than 140 hours of video media content within a matter of seconds.

The scope of ultra-high-definition imagery is going to be dramatically improved with the launch of this unbelievably high-speed internet technology. Technological fields like Blockchain, Big Data, and Data Encryption and Security would also be benefited in many different ways with the applications of 6G networks.

6G Testing: A Peek into Our 6G Future

According to an international publication, the chip that is going to support the 6G network is super thin and small. Still, it will be able to transmit and receive data in the form of waves three times faster than the current 5G chip.

The team conducting the test on 6G networks successfully transmitted data at a whopping rate of 11 gigabits per second, which is 1 gigabyte more than the top speed of 5G internet technology. Theoretically, 5G networks are only capable of transferring data at a speed of up to 10 gigabits per second. The network speeds are currently fast enough to allow you to enjoy real-time streaming of a 4K high-def video. 

Technologists and scientists have a strong belief that 6G technology has much more potential and once launched, it will revolutionize the digital world as we know it. With the right research techniques and modern-day technologies, blazing-fast 6G speeds could soon become a reality. 

We think that the blistering speeds of the 6G network are going to have a positive impact on us by making our day-to-day lives easier. At the same time, we also have suspicions about the increased dependency of mankind on the internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI)—only time will tell.

What Plans Do Tech Giants Have for 6G Technology?

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6G technology may almost a decade away, but it has already become extremely popular among the global audience that tech giants like Samsung, Nokia, and Verizon have started making public announcements about it. Going one step further, Samsung has already publicized the outline of its plan about 6G wireless technology. 

Samsung’s officially released a white paper on 6G and dubbed it “The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All”, which reflects indicates the company’s vision for 6G. To take the research on this next-generation wireless technology, Samsung has established the Advanced Communications Research Center. It is a separate facility in the tech giant’s R&D division, which is focused on the research and development of the 6G network and its related infrastructure.

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