60th Annual Grammy Awards: A night of glitz & glamour

A magical night where many of our favorite tunes receive appreciations and awards from the jury.

The tunes that we delightfully listen to throughout the year come under limelight on the night of Grammy Awards also known as Grammy. It is this special happening that is awaited by everyone in the music industry as well as all the music fans around the world. Some of the most prominent figures and singing superstars attend this ceremony and either take home reward with them or sometimes just some memorable words of appreciation.

History of Grammy


Let’s take a brief look at the history of these amazingly famous annual award ceremony. Yes, it is now 60 years old which means the first ceremony Grammy Awards – originally known as Gramophone awards – was held on may 4 1959 and the main purpose of organizing such event was to recognize the accomplishments overall performances of the singers belonging to the music industry during the previous years.

The gold-plated gramophone trophy that is handed over to the Grammy award winners is considered one od the main attraction of this annual award ceremony. It is this trophy that a lot of people dream about as they know that if they could get one of this gramophone trophy, it could be counted as one of the greatest achievements of their lives.

Talking about the Grammy Awards of 2018

In the same way the night of 28th January 2018 witnessed another exciting happening in the form of 60th Annual Grammy Awards. The show was broadcasted live by CBS network, straight from the Madison Square Garden in the New York city. It brought tears and happiness in eyes of the million of people following it around the world.

Another special thing about this year’s award ceremony is that it was the first Grammy in the last 15 years that was held outside Los Angeles. James Corden who is a very famous English actor and comedian hosted the show and kept everyone amused with his lively performance. It is a usual practice followed by the organizers of the Grammy Awards that they announce the nominees some time before the ceremony takes place.

Some of the best records, compositions and albums from the artists that came out between October 2016 and September 2017 were taken into consideration while selecting the nominees for Grammy Awards. Just a day before the main ceremony, the pre-telecast ceremony, officially known as the Premiere Ceremony was held.

So, let’s have a look at some of the main categories and find out if our favorite artists and singers have won that golden Grammy Trophy. No doubt it was the night of extreme excitement, fun and entertainment and turned out to be a perfect treat for the music lovers present at the venue and also for the ones who were watching the awards on their television screens.

Album of the Year

bruno-mars-grammy-winning hotnewhiphop

It is this title that is awarded to the person or a group of people behind the most successful album of the year. It is the most coveted award of the evening of Grammy. People who get it are really lucky it seems as if they have achieved everything as a result of the hard work, talent and dedication shown by them all the year round.

One of the most desired awards of Grammy was bagged by Bruno Mars. Yes, his album ‘24K Magic’ won ‘Album of the Year’ award. It was one of the most exciting moment for Bruno Mars and all of his fans around the world. However, the name of the singer remained prominent all through the night as this guy took home more than one trophies last night. According to the experts, it is one of the most remarkable successes achieved by this singer.

Record of the Year


This award speaks all about that one tuneful song that retains its position in one of the top 10 songs on the music charts for longer periods of time throughout the year. It is also one of the most awaited award and a lot of people eye on it every year.

However again for 2018, this award was given to ‘24K Magic’ that is an amazing song sung by Bruno Mars. It is the magical rhythm of this song that made it one of the most listened songs of the year and eventually made it won the title of ‘Record of the Year’.

Song of the Year

It is another award purposed to recognize that single song which becomes one of the most listened tuned of the year and connect a lot of people together. Many people who holds the relevancy of the field of singing or song-writing are after this award. Since it holds a great importance if someone is pursuing the career in music industry.

Yes, it’s Bruno Mars again whose song ‘That’s the way I like’ won this title and added to the stardom of this singer. 2018 turns out to be the year of Bruno Mar as all together he has bagged about multiple Grammy trophies while leaving critics, judges panel and a lot of people in amazement. After receiving numerous Grammy trophies, his name is all over the news channels flashing in the tickers and his fans are flying high with excitement while praising his outstanding performance as a singer.

Best New Artist


This title is basically for the encouragement of the new talent. It can be taken as an amazing breakthrough for those who are the new entrants in music industry. It is to recognize the efforts and talent they exhibit to retain their popularity as new singers and to make their existence count in front of the people who have already become a renowned name in the field of music.

Alessia Cara was titled as the ‘Best New Artist’ in Grammy Awards 2018. It was due to the outstanding talent with which she performed all through the year and made place in the heart of a lot of people with her melodious songs.

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