12 Fun Games To Play On Zoom

By this point in time, you’re probably a Zoom expert. While you may have used Zoom for more professional reasons, such as attending work meetings or classes, it is also a great tool for virtual hangouts as well as for playing online games with others. Due to the pandemic, you want to keep your interactions with others to a minimum. To keep you staying sane and not die out of boredom, here are some fun games to play on zoom with your friends and family. 

These games can be played with people of various ages and can be a great way to have a virtual game night. Here are my top recommendations:

1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity | CAMP

This game is an adult game where players match a wide variety of ridiculous statements and the player with the funniest statement wins. This popular card game can now be played online. You can create your own personal game room, invite your friends and have a blast.

2. Heads Up

Heads up is a great party game and if you’re doing a zoom party then it’s a must-have and top on my list of fun games to play on zoom. It’s a classic word game where players have to describe the word on the screen to the person holding the screen on their head. There are many categories of words to choose from and you can play with as many people as you like. You can download the app here.

3. Guess Who

You’ve probably already heard of Guess Who? before, and it can be just as fun playing it via zoom as it is in person. It’s a great guessing game for people of all ages. You’re assigned a character and others have to guess who it is by asking a series of yes or no questions. You can make the game more interesting by creating your own rules such as only picking people who have died, or only celebrities etc.


This game will put your ark skills to the test. It’s a creative free multiplayer game in which you choose a word given to you on the screen and then you have to draw it out in 80 seconds. As you are drawing, other players type in the chat what they think you are drawing. The quicker you guess the word correctly the more points you get. Whoever has the most points at the end of all the rounds wins the game. You can play with your friends by creating your own private party, or you can join another person’s room and play with them.

5. Taboo


The classic game of Taboo where you are given a word and a list of words you are not allowed to use when describing said word, is just as fun on Zoom. Divide your Zoom party in two and take turns sharing screens to play.

6. 20 Questions

Another classic game on this list of fun games to play on Zoom is 20 Questions. I can definitely remember playing this game in my childhood all the time and it still hasn’t lost its touch today. You can now play online on various sites or play within your Zoom party and try to guess what your friends have picked.

7. Bingo

Use the website Bingo Baker to make your own bingo cards and play with your friends. You can get really creative and make a game that is centered around a movie or TV show that you plan on watching. This is definitely a creative and fun group activity.

8. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

A popular simple kids game that works surprisingly well on Zoom. Each person playing has to list a name of a person, a place, an animal and a thing starting with a specific letter. Have all players type out their answers in the chat, and the first person to do so wins.

9. Charades

Charades can be easily played with your friends and family over Zoom. It will also give you a chance to get some extra steps in, which we all know are a challenge these days. Split your group into 2 teams and you can use an online charades generator to give you your words and phrases. Give each team about 1 minute to figure out the phrase.

10. Scattergories

The fun and exciting game of Scattergories can now be played online here. You can set your game up by choosing a variety of different categories such as movies, tv shows and food items to name a few. You then have 60 seconds to come up with a word that fits into each category and starts with a chosen letter. Invite your friends to play today!

11. Codenames

Bring out your inner spy with this game, which you can now also enjoy online here. The basic idea of the game is that there are 25 secret agents, who have to be identified by their codenames, and you have to identify all of your agents before the other team does. This can be done by using clues given by the ‘spymasters’. Whichever team successfully guesses all of the codenames wins the game.

12. Psych

From the makers of Heads Up, this party game is just as fun. Each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions and you have to figure out the real answers. Sounds fun right?

What do you think?

Written by Nabz