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Why Do I Prefer An Expensive MAC Over A Cheaper PC?

Mac’s cost a lot more than some PC’s. I wanted to talk about this on-going comparison, telling you all the reasons as to why I think that an expensive Mac is totally worth it’s price!

I, as all of you guys, think that when I am spending money, I would want to buy something that according to me is worth its price. Quality matters the most, even if the product is expensive but the quality is top notch, I would never call it wasting money.

Here’s some solid reasons!

I completely understand the price concern that people have when they see Mac. However, just for a while instead of focusing on the price, let me help you all focus on all the reasons why I think everyone should prefer a Mac over a PC.

My experience

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Experience is the prime factor to judge whether the product is worth buying or not. I think one major difference that I came across was through my experience as a user of both. I should tell you all that how you interact with your computer affects the atmosphere thus, the interaction has to be pleasing.

Windows 8 for me was a bad experience, where I thought Microsoft tried a little too much, to come up with a touch-based computing system on a desktop. That feature really was not required.

On the other hand, I find it better to spend my time on Mac. It is easy to use, clean and advanced. Recently, its touch has been replaced by trackpad and mouse gestures, which I think makes for an amazing alternative.

Choosing from numerous PC’s

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When it comes to PC’s, I have always found it difficult to choose which PC to buy and where to buy it from, as there are many different manufacturers. With hundreds of PC’s in the market, it becomes almost impossible for me to judge reliability.

While Mac is an Apple product, its reliability does not have to be questioned. I trust Apple because I have been its user since a long time now. Apple offers 6 different computers and they come in various shapes and customizing options.

Macs include MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Mini, Mac Pro and iMac. Not just less options with great quality to look from but I can also assure you that you will find a Mac that suits your budget, usage and lifestyle.


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I think it just goes without saying that Macs are far more durable than PCs can ever be. I, with my own experience and my friends’ experiences, can accurately say that the invulnerability of a Mac can be flaunted any day in front of a PC.

Macs have shown a continuous pattern of suffering from less damages and attacks when compared to Window-based PCs. These days, as we all know, internet-based attackers and hackers are rising at a crazy speed. These attackers have become really smart with their moves so we have to be careful.

It’s due this, that I have found Mac to be the safest platform, amongst all the others for now. I would still suggest you people to stay safe while surfing the internet and be careful about your clicking actions.

Inclusive of Software

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PCs never have software included, though there are various excellent software packages available for every sort of computer-based task. They can either be downloaded for free or have to be bought so basically, I don’t prefer how PCs do not come with any special added apps.

When I bought Mac, I was impressed to find an impressive collection of apps that were already present in it. These Apps were Photos, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iTunes, iMovie, Face Time, Numbers and Maps and many more.

I could easily edit my photos, do my work, make my own movies and create music, which I know for a lot of you is equally as appealing as it was for me.

Best quality screens – Mac

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Don’t we all just love looking at pictures in HD quality? I know I do. With Mac having Retina Screen, I have become fond of their current range. These Retina MacBook’s and iMac’s have screens that have anti-reflective coatings and no air gap.

According to me, this has to be their best feature in the market right now. Consistently performing well in high DPI display, Retina Screens are surely winners.

Customer Support

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I know for a fact that if things go wrong, which are definitely a rare situation, then Apple has great customer service and support to offer. I believe that if a company can offer, not just great products and quality but an equally effective customer service, they are bound to be better than the rest.

Apple consistently ranks amongst the highest in customer service.

All in all, I have given enough and persuasive reasons for you all to believe why I prefer Mac over PC. I think that it isn’t only the price that should matter but all these reasons should be included in deciding if you should opt for a PC or Mac.

What do you think?

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