Unleashing the Secrets Behind Record-Breaking Vertical Jump Heights in Sports by Athletes.

A vertical jump involves jumping up in the air which is used to test leg power or specifically an athlete’s ability to jump vertically.

It is used as a basis for assessing the performance of an athlete or for training purposes as it builds strength and stamina.

There are two categories of vertical jump:

Standing Vertical Jump: A vertical jump is performed from a standstill; there are no steps taken by the individual.

Running Vertical Jump: A vertical jump is performed after running for a few seconds.

What’s a Good Vertical Jump? Average Vertical Jump by Age + Sex

A good vertical jump refers to the maximum height of the vertical jump. This can be achieved by training and practice but there are few ways to improve it.

One effective way of improving your vertical jump height is to begin with a crouching action – this is done immediately and is referred to as a counter-movement. By quickly bending the legs and stretching the arms to both sides, the counter-movement aids the movements of the actual jump range performed by an individual.  

These are the average vertical jump height recorded based on the gender and their abilities:

  • The average jump height for untrained males is 16-20 inches (40-50 cm)
  • The average jump height for untrained females is 12-16 inches (30-40 cm)
  • The average jump height for trained males is 24-28 inches (60-70 cm)
  • The average jump height for trained females is 20-24 inches (50-60 cm)

Source: MAT assessment

As for the following popular American sports, the highest scores for the standing vertical jump height are as below:

  • American Football – 46 inches (117 cm) by Gerald Sensabaugh      
  • Basketball – 41.5 inches (105.4 cm) by Keon Johnson    
  • Soccer – 36.5 inches (92.7cm) by Chris Odoi-Atsem
  • Australian football – 35 inches (89 cm) by Jordan Gallucci and Aiden BonarHockey – 34.0 inches (86 cm) by Mac Bennett

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Vertical Jump Significance in Sports

Just as we discussed the importance of vertical jump in training for athletes. Vertical jump has been seen as a standard test for different sports players of some of the most popular sports. These include solo sports such as high jump and swimming and team sports such as basketball, volleyball, and football.


Q. What are the two types of vertical jump?

There are two types of vertical jump: Standing Vertical Jump and Running Vertical Jump

Q. How tall is Shaquille O’Neil aka Shaq?

How tall is shaq | Openiun

Shaq is an American former basketball player and sports analyst.He is famous for his long vertical jump in basketball. Shaq’s height is 7 foot and 1 inch (2.16 m).

Q. What are the benefits of vertical jump?

It builds strength, perseverance, and stamina which is ideal for aspiring athletes.

Q. What is the highest vertical jump recorded?

The current Guinness World record holder for standing platform jump is Brett Williams at 65 inches.

 Author’s opinion

For people who are amateur players or into professional sports, this is an excellent way to stay in shape and test your progress. With some ideal benefits, it is a great way to motivate yourself and possess some strong skills. Coaches and training centers can use this to assess the performance of their players. This is something that I have recently discovered and found interesting. I would definitely try this out and record my vertical jump height!

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