Go for Gold: Top Grasping Sports that Start with G for Glory!

From top played sports such as gymnastics and golf to some culturally special sports, we have an activity for everyone!

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This fun car racing sport is something that everyone needs to try out at least once in their life! You can ride solo or have a friendly competition with your family and friends in these small, four-wheeled, open karts – of course, with the protective gear!

It is suitable for all ages, with mini tracks designed for kids. You can just search go-karting near me and head to the nearest one for a good time out with family or friends! While this is an excellent recreational activity, people who aspire to become professional racers start practicing from go-karting! There are also world championships held for it.


Golf is a world-renowned sport – casual in nature yet not easy to master!

This leisure activity involves hitting a ball in a tee with a club (stick) into a hole. Golf is regarded as an elite sport due to its association with upper class players, businessmen etc. While it is an ideal solo sport, there is a trend where people usually have business meetings over a game of golf.

Greco-Roman wrestling

This one is for the wrestling fans! Greco-Roman wrestling is a popular type of wrestling that is played in the Olympics as well as several amateur competitions held around the world. So, what’s the main rule of this kind of wrestling?

The contestants cannot use their legs in the ring or try to hold their opponent below the waist. Although it may look better, Greco-Roman style wrestling is actually harder than freestyle wrestling since the moves are limited to the upper body.


Think of a sport that involves dancing, art, working out, stretching! Gymnastics comes to mind. This involves a series of activities such as:

  • Trampolining
  • Acrobatic movements
  • Tumbling
  • Aerobic movements
  • Parkour

While the two main types of gymnastics are the Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics – featured in the Olympics Games.

Grand Prix racing

Grand Prix Motorcycle racing is the top class of motorcycle road racing. Also known as MotoGP Racing, it has a series of race events held with the leagues from several notable countries around the world.

The MotoGP World Championship is the premier event of this sport, with top racers from across the world.

Fun fact: MotoGP bikes can reach a speed of over 220 mph and can accelerate up to 60 mph in less than three seconds!

Gaelic Football

A lesser-known sport but an interesting adaptation of the OG game of football. Gaelic football is played by teams of two with 15 players in each team.

Originated and popularly played in Ireland, there are country-wide football championship matches with a decent amount of fan following.

Grass Skiing

Heard of snow skiing, right? But grass skiing exists too! This unique sport takes place on grass terrains where players use special equipment for skiing.

Grassy slopes with different difficult levels present, from amateur skiing to expert level. Since a grass surface may be difficult to ride on, this requires a person to have excellent balancing and coordination skills to master this sport.


We bet you haven’t heard of this one!

Geocaching is a real-world recreational activity where players navigate their way to treasure with the use of GPS coordinates to search for geocaches – hidden containers that are found at different marked locations, across the world. This is an exciting activity with the locations shared on the internet across the world!

COMMON FAQs for Sports Starting With G

Q. What type of Wrestling starts with G?

Greco-Roman is a style of Wrestling where players wrestle without the use of the lower body.

Q. What is Geocaching?

It is a global treasure hunt game where players from around the world hide and seek containers known as geocaches with the aim to find them through GPS coordinates.

Q. Is Gymnastics a part of the Olympics?

Yes, in fact, there are two types of gymnastics – artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, both featured in the Olympics.

Q. Is Grass skiing harder than snow skiing?

Yes, it may be harder since the slopes covered in snow are easier to move around.

Author’s Opinion

As a sports fan, these sports starting with G are some of the widely enjoyed sports and some unique, lesser-known sports that one should try out for sure!

What do you think?

Written by Usama

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