Sonya Hussain's Bridal shoot breaks stereotypes for Pakistani brides.

Weddings are considered as one of the most auspicious ceremonies in most Asian countries specifically India and Pakistan. Wedding is just not a single day affair rather it brings along a month long events and ceremonies and either side of the family makes sure that they literally go bankrupt at the end. From food to decor to the dresses and the bridal make up everything should be as expensive as it could be. In these countries as soon as a girl is born , the parents start collecting her dowry and saving money for her lavish wedding. 

In India and Pakistan the brides have no other option besides red to wear on their wedding day. It seems as if the girl won’t look beautiful or the Nikkah won’t be accepted if she does not wear red on her big day. With the passage of time some people have become a bit liberal about it and you get to see a few brides in some different colors like pink , white , ferozy etc. However a bride can not even imagine or even dare to think about wearing black on her wedding day since black is considered a sign of bad luck in our society. All the elderly ladies of the family will have a heart attack if the bride wears a black dress on her wedding.

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Soniya Hussain recently did a bridal shoot for a magazine. She looked sizzling in the shoot and there is no second opinion about it.She was seen wearing a beautiful outfits by the very famous designer Adnan Pardesi. However what has made this shoot different from others is that the model was seen wearing a black outfit. This shoot attempts to break the stereotype that brides can not wear black on their big day. 


This shoot is a great initiative to bring about awareness among the people that a color can not decide a person’s destiny. Allah never mentioned any color as a symbol of good luck or bad luck . All these myths are man made and it’s high time we get over with these. A bride has all the right to experiment with her outfit for the big day as she should be happy with what she wears . It’s about her and not the whole “Khaandan”.

Soniya Hussain has definitely done justice to this idea with her bold looks and remarkable expressions. We congratulate the entire team behind this shoot for such remarkable work. 

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Written by zarminataha