Reasons why I think Tennis should be promoted more in Pakistan

Tennis is a racket sport that is played between two people or can even be played in doubles as well. Knowing the enormous amount of talent present in Pakistan, I always wondered why officials don’t promote Tennis as much as they encourage other sports in the country.

I came up with this theory that people don’t really realize how many benefits this sport is endowed with. It brings in so many health benefits plus it’s a great exercise for your body. It’s a substantial way to make your reflexes work steadily!

I believe Tennis should also be given equal importance as it’s a great platform to exhibit hidden talents and make our country’s sports culture even stronger than before. I’ve listed a few aspects of why Tennis should be promoted and nurtured.


It’s a great tool to plan your social happenings. I am the kind of a person who is very introvert, so for me, Tennis can be the perfect sport I could opt for. You can either play with one opponent or a team of two (i.e doubles match).

It can even uplift your mood as you get to play with a person who most probably has similar interests and goals like you! I believe it gets easier to play if there is a psychological connection between the two minds.

People in Pakistan don’t have many outdoor activities to get indulged into. I would love to avail the Tennis membership opportunity if we get the chance here. Tennis can be a great way to socialize with your teammates and opponents, as you can take notes of their skills and knowledge.


Tennis is all about playing with your multiple senses. It helps you stimulate your mind faster, make your senses even more prompt than before, and triggers your mind sharp when it’s all about the details!

I assume it’s a very beneficial exercise for our minds. When we play Tennis, our eyes are continuously watching the ball movements, as to where the ball will go next, or in which direction will the player strike the ball. This activity makes your prediction power stronger.

Tennis can make your laziness go out of the window as it improves your critical thinking, mental alertness, and tactical thinking! So, whenever you’re looking for something to boost up your mind, Tennis can definitely be your go-to sports!


Playing Tennis can even help your body to fight and or prevent several diseases. Most of the population of Pakistan is struck by heart and limb diseases. Tennis helps such diseases to stop growing. It makes sure your metabolism rate is balanced throughout.

Many young adults and children in Pakistan are patients of obesity, hypertension, and sometimes even stroke. If Tennis is launched on a huge platform here in Pakistan, we can save our future generations from such conditions as we can indulge them in playing Tennis.


Tennis – Davis Cup Final – France v Croatia – Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille, France – November 23, 2018 Croatia’s Borna Coric celebrates winning his match against France’s Jeremy Chardy REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

This is a huge problem of our youth that we are severely attached to the digital world and that leads to stress and depression. This isn’t a great sign as it can be the starting of a disease. However, If Tennis is promoted here, it is a great key to get your mind running and not stress about life.

Tennis makes your mind focused and narrower, making you forget about your daily to-do lists and other stuff that makes you go all crazy. Especially, It makes you more skillful and smarter, helping you lose all the stress that bothers you.

Tennis, if launched in Pakistan, can easily encourage everyone to stay fit and healthy. As Tennis makes you do a lot of bodily movements such as stretching and running, which not only gets your body in a good shape, it also makes your stress go away within seconds.


Unlike Cricket, Tennis has no age restrictions. Specifically, It’s a game that can be played at any age. This can be a perfect opportunity for people in Pakistan, as they would be able to play Tennis whenever they want. This can be an advantage to old age, as they can enjoy this game and keep fit.

The 60-70-year-olds here in Pakistan, who enjoy playing cricket but cannot, due to the age restrictions! This leads to them sitting right in front of the TV, cheering for the game on the bleachers. Tennis, not only lets you enjoy the game, but it even never stops you from playing it!

Usually, the millennial age group is always indulged in their social media life and tends to ignore sitting with their elderly members of the family. Playing Tennis can bring both the generations closer than before.

I conclude that Tennis can be a great tool in bringing back the physical and mental stability of people here in Pakistan, it is a great way to nurture the hidden talent in our country. Finally, If proper notice is undertaken in bringing the game here officially, it can be a significant advantage for the region.


What do you think?