How to Be a Safe Driver: 12 Tips

Before you get behind the steering wheel, make sure to take all precautionary measures. It is important for your own safety and the safety of others on the road. So, if you are also planning a road trip and want to make your own safety checklist to be sure that everything is in order, then you have made it to the right article. Here we are going to give you 12 of the most useful tips on how to be a safe driver and pay as much attention as possible on the road.

Focus on Driving 

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Don’t let anything divert your mind when you are driving, especially in a fast lane. In such a situation, it is very important for you to maintain a certain speed limit to smoothly flow with the traffic. Don’t use your cellphone at all, which means you should avoid taking any calls or replying to text messages unless it is something very urgent. Park your car somewhere safe before attending the call or replying to a message

Also, try your best to control your emotion as it is not a good thing to stress out or feel worried when you are a part of fast-moving traffic. Keep every kind of multitasking away from yourself.

Stay Within the Speed Limit

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If the road is empty, this doesn’t mean that there is no cap on speed. You should always take care of your speed when you are behind the steering wheel. It is one of the best safe driving tips, which will keep you and others safe on the road. Keep an eye on the speed limit signboards.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Another major sign of careless driving is looking here and there instead of keeping your eyes constantly on the road. Fast-moving vehicles can collide with each other within a matter of seconds if drivers are not careful. 

If you are headed to a new place, study the map and route thoroughly before hitting the road. You can always turn on voice assistance in the navigation system in your car or mobile device so you don’t have to look at the map again and again for guidance on the route.

Keep Your Distance

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It is always a good thing to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. It could apply sudden breaks for any reason. For example, there could be an animal or a person crossing the road or even an obstacle that the driver in front of you has to avoid and needs to suddenly break their speed. 

At a normal speed of up to 30mph, you and the car in front of you should have a distance of at least 2-second, which is enough for your brain to react and hit the brakes. However, when you are driving fast, you should have to maintain a distance of at least 3 seconds between both vehicles.

Drive According to the Weather Condition

Make it a habit to listen to the weather forecast before getting on the road. Make sure you are following all safety precautions if you are driving in rainy weather or a road covered with ice. Water droplets and ice crystals on the surface of the road can make it dangerously slippery.

If possible, delay your trip or if you are already in the middle of your journey, find a hotel or a rest stop where you can stay for a while until the weather gets back to normal. Keeping an eye on weather conditions when you are on the road is one of the most useful tips on how to be a safe driver.

Stay Alert and Awake

If you haven’t rested properly or are feeling dizzy, don’t drive at all. One of the most important safe driving tips is to stay alert and awake. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, which means the best possible thing you can do to avoid them is to keep your eyes wide open.

Maintain a straight posture and try not to drive long distances on your own. It is always good to have an extra set of eyes sitting right next to you and watching the road. Try to take a break from driving every few hours, which means don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself.

Keep Your Headlights On

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If you are planning to take a road trip at night, make sure all the lights of your car are in working condition. Visibility gets very low after the sunset, which means drivers totally rely on street lights and the headlights of their cars to keep going on the road safely. This is why as a safe driver, it is very important for you to keep your headlights on.

Put Your Phone Away

We have already discussed that you need to completely focus on the road while driving. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) cell phone use accounts for around 1.6 million crashes every year, which is an eye-opening fact. This means you should not be using your phone at all while driving unless there is some kind of emergency.

Don’t Depend on Other Drivers

You should be relying on your own defensive driving techniques instead of relying on other drivers on the road. Don’t base your driving actions on assumptions as if others would move out of the way for you. 

Along with being considerate of others, you should always be able to look out for yourself. Other drivers on the road may not always notify you about their intentions beforehand. So, one of the best tips to be a safe driver is not to depend on other drivers on the road and be prepared to react all the time.

Don’t Be an Angry Driver

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Anger can destroy everything that comes in its way. Losing your temper in the middle of the road may call for a disaster. It would not let you think clearly, thereby impacting your driving skills. Angry drivers may even end up overspeeding and putting their own and others’ lives in danger.

Don’t Drink and Drive

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There are many states in the US where driving is illegal for you if you are drunk. Still a lot of people break the law and get away with it. Driving a car while you are drunk no matter if it’s a neighborhood street or an expressway can be extremely risky. 

The alcohol entering your bloodstream can very badly impact your driving ability. We have already learned that safe driving requires you to completely focus on the road and stay alert all the time.

Get Acquainted With Your Car

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One of the most useful tips to be a safe driver is to know your car. Inspect each and every part of the vehicle to be sure about its performance on the road. If you think it needs any kind of maintenance, attend to the matter immediately. It is better not to take any chances. You need to be completely acquainted with your car and its condition before you finally take it for a drive. 

These were the 12 best tips on how to be a safe driver. Share this article with your friends and family to let them know about these safe driving tips. In the meantime, also check out our article on the latest gadgets you need for your car in 2021. For more informative updates, keep following and make sure you’re subscribed to our email newsletter.


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