Cool Car Gadgets You Need For Your Car 2021

Some of us spend a lot of time in our cars, from local travel to our daily commutes to road trips over the long weekends. As a result, it is important to incorporate some cool car gadgets into your car (unless you already have a pretty high tech car) to make your time spent in the car as pleasant as it can be. There are tons of products out there to deck out your car, some are just gimmicks, while others can provide great benefits and help you become a safer driver on the road. 

In this article, I have selected some of my top picks for some cool car gadgets that can enhance your car, as well as make your life on the road more practical and efficient. Let’s take a look.

Portable Vacuum 

Keeping your car dirt free can definitely be a challenge, especially if you have kids. You’d be surprised by the wonders having a portable vacuum can do for you. It gives you the freedom to clean up crumbs and messes right away. They usually plug right into your car’s outlet and come with a variety of extensions to cover every area of your car. My top recommendation for a portable car vacuum is:

ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum


This handheld vacuum will revolutionize the way you clean your car. Weighing only 2lbs, it’s the perfect tool to keep your car dirt, crumb and mess-free.

Back Seat Organizer 

Definitely, one of the most useful cool car gadgets that can keep you well organized during your road trips and a must-have if you have too much stuff in your car and nowhere to put it without your car looking cluttered. These back seat organizers typically go around the driver and passenger headrests and provide many pockets to accommodate all of your travel essentials. My top recommendations for back seat organizers are:

Tsumbay Car Backseat Organizer


This car backseat organizer is designed to perfectly store your items and features a foldable tray that you can use for your laptop or food.

Maliton Car Seat Organizer


This Car seat organizer is suitable for most vehicles and features 12 pockets of various sizes to store your items.

Magnetic Phone Mounts 

Magnetic phone mounts are a MUST for me personally. They make it so easy to hold your phone in place especially if you use the GPS on your phone. Magnetic ones are definitely the way to go for securing your phone in place and for easy removal and are not as bulky looking as other mounts.  My top recommendation for a magnetic phone mount is:

WixGear Magnetic Car Mount


Easier to use than any other magnetic mount. Just stick it to your car and you’re good to go.

Inflatable Car Bed 

This one is definitely one of the coolest car gadgets one can have. Add some comfort to your car journeys with an inflatable bed that allows you to turn your rear seats into a bed. It’s ideal for camping trips or if you’re doing a long drive and want to take a nap at a rest stop. My top recommendation for an inflatable car bed is: 

HAITRAL Portable Inflatable Air Mattress 


A durable and strong and inflatable car mattress that fits most car models and can be great to bring for your next camping trip!

Dash Cam 

Dashcams have definitely picked up in popularity over the last few years. They are definitely one of the best car gadgets you can buy as they allow you to record while you drive. This is helpful in instances of getting into an accident and being able to provide evidence to insurance companies. They’re an investment worth making and will give you peace of mind about the safety of your car. I recommend the following:

Chortau Front and Rear Dash Cam


Featuring a 1080p resolution front camera and waterproof rear camera that turns on automatically when you start your car.

Vehicle Desk 

Turn your car into a workspace or make it easier for you to have a meal in your car by getting yourself a vehicle desk. They clip on to your steering wheel and can be used for a wide variety of things such as writing, keeping your laptop on or as a table for your food. I recommend the following: 

Cutequeen Steering Wheel Desk


Lightweight, but sturdy enough to support a laptop and your lunch.

Rear View Mirror Extender 

While ideal for bigger cars such as SUVs or trucks, this rearview mirror extender can help widen your view of what you see, decreasing your blind spots and making for safer driving. It clips onto your current rearview mirror and is easy to remove when desired. I recommend getting the following:

KitBest Rear View Mirror


No more turning your head or straining your neck to look over your shoulder for better visibility.

Rooftop Cargo 

If you’re low on storage space in your car, rooftop cargos are just what you might need. They can accommodate any extra items for your next big road trip. They are easy to mount to the top of your car and lock in place securely and you can easily access your items inside from either side of the vehicle, making them a great addition to the car. I recommend checking out the following:

SportRack Cargo Box


Mounting hardware that is easy to install and remove. Perfect for your next road trip if you need that extra space.

Car Trash Can 

I find that having a designated place to put trash in the car is necessary. Otherwise, we all know that we shove it in the cup holders or the door panels which makes the car look unkept and messy. Having a small trash can in the back can make a huge difference and will ensure that no trash is hiding in crevices that you forget about, making keeping your car clean that much easier. I recommend checking out the following:

Ryhpez Car Trash Can


This compact garbage can has adjustable straps, allowing you to hang it for easy access. Additional pockets also included for extra storage.

Tire Inflator 

Having a small tire inflator on hand is always a good idea. You never know when your tire light might come on and you need to inflate a tire. Having a small one in your car can save you the hassle of going to the gas station each time and give you the flexibility to check your tire pressure from anywhere. I recommend the following tire inflators:

Oasser Portable Mini Air Inflator


This rechargeable air pump is perfect for emergencies. Can be used for car tires as well as for bikes and sports equipment.

Window Covers

A great accessory to have to block out the sun and harmful UV rays on long drives. They can be easily attached to your window and removed when needed. They can also help to keep your car cooler by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your car. I recommend getting the following:

Barucci Car Side Window Sunshades


Made form high quality mesh plastic, these car shades protect your passengers from UV radiation and sunlight.

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