Ford F-150 Lightning: the Electrifying American Dream

From hybrid to all-electric, vehicles of today’s world are redefining the way we move from one place to another, paving way for a more sustainable and hi-tech future of mobility and transportation. It took many years for modern-day vehicles to evolve. The history of electric cars dates back to the 20th century.

Tesla was the very first company to introduce the modern-day all-electric car in 2008. Known as Model S, it set a new benchmark in terms of speed, reliance, and mobility for vehicles of the next generation.

As we all know, pickup trucks have been an integral part of American society for decades. People love driving these powerful machines. They are not only rugged and robust but also getting more beautiful and fuel-efficient, year after year. 

Taking fuel efficiency to a whole new level, Ford, one of the leading players of the auto industry in the United States, has introduced its all-electric truck for the first time in history. It is the Ford F-150 Lightning. Yes, you read it right. Your very favorite F-150 has now gone all-electric. 

So, let’s learn more about this hi-tech vehicle, which is the new electrifying American dream.

More About Ford F-150 Lightning

According to a very famous Youtuber, Marques Browniee, the Ford F-150 truck is the best-selling vehicle in the entire US for the last 40 years. Lightning is the new all-electric version of this flagship truck of the auto giant. As you can see in the video above, it has the same mighty and masculine look as the Ford trucks of the same lineup from previous generations.

However, if you go into the details of the design, there are a few elements that highlight that it is an electric vehicle, not the one that is powered with conventionally used gasoline. Lights on the front and back of the vehicle are connected with each other with a bar-shaped lighting arrangement. 

On the front, that bar-shaped lighting arrangement houses DRL (daytime running light). It gives the truck a very futuristic and elegant look. Also, the vehicle’s front does not have any type of grill because electric vehicles do not require any kind of air intake. So, it only has high-quality plastic that is specifically designed in a way that looks like a grill.

Badging and Other Design Specs

Blue is a color that has always been associated with technology and innovation. This is why you are also going to see a very interesting combination of black and blue in the badging on Ford F-150 Lightning. The text badge is located on either side of the vehicle next to the backlight. You can also see ford and lightning logos on the back of the vehicle. Plus, a huge text has been embossed on the liftgate of the truck.

The charging port of the car is installed right next to the door on the driver’s side. An almost identical-looking panel has been installed on the other side of the car. However, it is not functional at all, just a design feature to give the vehicle a more symmetrical look. 

F-150 Lightning: The Most Affordable Electric Truck in America

Compared to vehicles like Tesla’s Cybertruck, the Ford F-150 Lightning is a much more affordable option. The truck’s base variant starts at only $39.9 thousand, which goes up to 230 miles in one charge. 

Ford F-150 is a big vehicle. It has four doors and plenty of storage space. Since it is an electric vehicle, it doesn’t have an engine. This means the front hood can also be used for storing your luggage and other things, which has a huge space.

Designed for a Luxurious Experience

F-150 Lightning has an intricately designed interior. It has a comfortable seating arrangement, a sunroof, and a 15-inch touch screen with all the necessary controls. There is actually a button with which you can fold the gear selector down to get it out of the way. You can then just unfold the elbow rest. It gives you enough space where you can put your laptop and work if you have some pending tasks to get done with. 

There is also a gauge that can tell you how heavy your cargo weighs. It appears on the screen in front of you, so you can adjust the vehicular controls accordingly, which is one of the coolest features of Ford F-150 Lightning trucks. The truck has also a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, which is insane for an electric-powered vehicle.

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