Some of the most popular foods on Pinterest that appear on the 2019 food trends lists can help you eat better next year. Here are six food trends to help you get started in 2019:


The bowls are the new dishes. All kinds of creative dishes are served in a bowl filled with different monikers: protein bowls, Buddha bowls, soup bowls, quinoa bowls and balls for world-class dishes. The same rules apply to breakfast bowls called shake bowls, acai bowls and banzai bowls. Just look on Pinterest and you will be surprised.

For lunch and dinner, salads are served with Power bowls. The food is served cancient or hot and combines all kinds of vegetables with whole-grain products such as quinoa, farro, brown rice or soba noodles and a source of protein, such as grilled meats, eggs, etc. Beans, nuts, cheese and tofu. Sliced ​​avocados often have an important aspect. One of the best things: instead of a creamy vinaigrette, the Power bowls are dressed in a flavored sauce that keeps it all together. In the morning, breakfast bowls are served with fruit, yogurt and whole grains for a simple meal.


Now there are many tools to turn vegetables into noodles similar to pasta. These scammers with pasta rich in nutrients are an excellent way to eat more vegetables. Of course, they can help you reduce calories and refined grains if that is your goal. You do not have to invest in a large spiral machine (even if I like my machine). The less expensive Julienne peelers work well. Some of the best vegetables that can be made in noodles include pumpkin, carrots, turnips, turnips and zucchini. Sprinkle with the marinade or pesto, prepare an Asian-inspired pasta bowl or use as a base for a salad or casserole.

The good thing about this explosive trend is how you can now find packages of prefabricated Spiralized vegetables in more supermarkets that can be found in more menus and salads. Cookbooks and blogs are dedicated to Spiralized vegetables, so you’ll never run out of recipes. It is a trend that definitely has resistance.


Is not it great that the ancient is new? All types of whole grain products with ancient pedigrees are adopted by restaurants and are widely used in supermarkets. Quinoa jumped to the top of the pile, but 2019 will be a moment of glory for other ancient grains, such as teff, millet, amaranth, spelled, kamut, kaniwa, freekeh and farro.

The ancient cereals certainly deserve a place in their dishes (or bowls) in 2019. Rich in fiber, protein, B vitamins and other nutrients, ancient cereals can be sancient in bowls for noodles or rice, which are added to salads and Energy bowls, and prepared as oatmeal to serve a bowl of fruit and hot nuts.


Beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas receive a new respect. The United Nations has declared 2019 as the International Year of Pulses, which will value these dry seed crops for their excellent nutritional profile and environmental benefits. Let’s hope the celebration inspires more people to prepare their meals to perfection.

One of my favorites is the modest chickpea. Chickpeas, perhaps best known as the basic ingredient of humus, are beginning to be known beyond this iconic Lebanese invasion. Fashionable recipes include grilled chickpeas such as a sandwich, chickpea curry and stews, stews, salads and falafels. Many observers of the trend think they will be an indignation star in 2019. Chefs also cook more often with chickpeas. In fact, since 2005, chickpeas have increased 290% on restaurant menus, according to MenuTrends Dataessentials.


Fett can completely destroy your diabolical reputation in 2019. Now there is a scientific consensus that the type of fat we eat is more important than the amount. Instead of people with low fat content, the focus is on healthy fats: the unsaturated type found in olive oil, fatty fish such as salmon, olives, nuts and seeds. The lawyer richest in monounsaturated fatty acids is perhaps the main beneficiary of the health trend.


The mega trend of 2019 will be the glorification of vegetables. And I could not be happier. It is not about becoming vegan or demonizing the flesh. It is more about enjoying a new vision of vegetables. Meanwhile, vegetables have become the star of the dish, not just as a side dish. In fact, Al’s Place in San Francisco, Bon Appetit’s best restaurant of the year and one of the many new grocery stores, is considered the place of meat.

Now place the “fillets” of the roasted cauliflower or the pumpkin with ribs. Mushrooms instead of ground meat. The lasagna is made of spinach and eggplant. Vegetable cookbooks are best sellers, Pinterest tables are dedicated to meatless dishes and some of the most popular blogs are specialized in herbal cooking. Next year you will have a lot of vegetarian inspiration. Take a look at some of the vegetables that should be popular in 2019: kohlrabi, kalettes, parsnips, compote, colorful pumpkins, broccoflowers, carrots and rainbow seaweed.



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