9 food items that will keep you warm this winter

With the season arriving, we all tend to stay as warm as possible keeping the chills at bay; and although a ton of clothing may physically protect us from the harsh cold, our bodies yearn for the same warmth internally as well. No doubt traditional foods like soup, hot chocolate, coffee, fish, etc are a great choice to consume and are highly popular during winter, but here are some additional foods you may want to add to your diet that will not only provide warmth to your bodies but will protect you from various illnesses you may face from the cold!


Oatmeal has always been considered as a healthy food and a great warmer for your body. Not only does it improve your digestive system and lower your cholesterol, but it is efficient in eradicating excess dampness inside the body that helps to maintain your temperature.


One of the most common and favorite food are eggs. During winters try adding boiled eggs to your diet, especially the yolk in particular as it tends to release warmth into your body and helps with fighting off bacterias and infections caught during winters.


This has been a popular spice known for producing heat internally in our bodies. A great way to utilize turmeric is to add a pinch of it in a glass of boiled milk and drink it. It reduces inflammation from the body while maintaining its heat.


Ginger can be simply added to your meals in small quantities or be taken in the form of ginger soup or tea. It is known to increase your resistance and is a great cure for cold and cough faced mostly during winters.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are a brilliant source for generating heat within our bodies and by far the easiest one to consume. Eat them raw or add them to your cereal, milk or salads. They also boost your vitamin and iron effectively.

Black Pepper   

This is yet another spice that contains antioxidants in it that protects one from flu, cold and cough. It is a warm food and can be added to any meal.


If you are one of those people who love cinnamon then you will definitely be enjoying this a lot during the winters. Cinnamon has properties that increase your body’s metabolism and generates heat throughout. You can consume this in any way you may like.


Onions can be added to any meal you like. They are known for increasing energy to move around the body which then generates heat. They also increase perspiration and can be a great cure for flu or cold.


Bananas are filled with magnesium and vitamin B, thus they proficiently have the ability to regulate the body’s temperature especially during the cold. One large banana a day can help you stay warm for a good period of time.


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