10 YouTubers you must subscribe to

We all have that YouTube App and believe us there is a lot of content being produced out there every second. Subscribe to these YouTubers and get the best out of YouTube!

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What do most of the people do today when they are doing nothing? The answer of this question is pretty obvious, they watch YouTube videos. Now, for you the biggest question arises!!

What to Watch on YouTube?

Well, there are a lot of people using YouTube as a platform to broadcast their message to a wider audience. Is all of this content worth watching or should we be more specific?

We have sorted it out for you to some extent and we are going to be telling you about a few YouTubers that you are going to amaze you with their content. However, you may find content on every subject on YouTube but it depends on your preference that which YouTuber you would like to follow.

Looking for Information/entertainment? Follow These 10 YouTubers!


People are crazy for smartphones these days. Despite all this craziness when you go to buy a smartphone, you are bewildered by a whole lot of different varieties of phones available. So, what to do in such situation?

SuperSaf TV – YouTube Channel Trailer

Subscribe to SuperSaf (Safwan Ahmedmia), one of UK’s largest Tech channels for the latest Tech News, Previews and Reviews. With unbiased side-by-side comparisons and Top Tips to help YOU make the right choice.

Well, move one step backward and do some research before going shopping for a phone. So, thinking of the best way to do it? Worry not, the video above is of a YouTuber who gives you the review of a phone in the most detailed and informative way.

iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or OnePlus; no matter the phone you are planning to buy; don’t forget to take a SuperSaf review before making your decision!


Adventure has never been this easier. Now tour around the world and check out some of the weirdest places on earth without going anywhere. All you have to do is to subscribe to FunForLouis Channel and catch all the adventure on your gadget’s screen.


Join the adventure! Make sure you subscribe for DAILY VIDEOS! follow my adventures Big thanks to the Music by… thanks to Sam for helping with edit!

Louis Cole has gained million of subscribers in a very short span of time as he lives every of his adventure dreams with the audience on YouTube. Amazing isn’t it?

Mark Wiens

Do you love to travel and taste cuisines from all around the world? If yes, then this is one great YouTuber you must be following. Of course, we are talking about Mark Wiens.

Get ready for the FOOD TRIP of a Lifetime!

SUBSCRIBE NOW: T-shirts: If you travel for food, get ready for a series of videos you don’t want to miss! Thank you for all of your support, I can’t wait to share this videos series with you.

So, do you guys already know him? He produces some of the best content while travelling and visiting different places. Foodies love him because he gives them amazing review about every food he tastes. So, don’t wait and subscribe to his channel and catch every video he uploads!


Are you one of those street pranksters? Or do you like to get pranked? Here’s a little treat for you! This this super amazing YouTuber gonna show you how pranking is done in real!


Thanks for watching!! Please hit subscribe and smash that bell notification. This way you will be informed when I upload my next video! Tarzan – Dana – Music By :

Now that you know what we were talking about, let us tell you a little more about Jesse. This guy started and his then-girlfriend started a YouTube channel known as ’PrankVsPank’ but afterwards, it was renamed as Jesse. No doubt, his pranks are super crazy!!


His speeches are surely going to light up your mind with positivity. If you are following personalities like Gary Vee, then you are making the best use of YouTube.

#1 LIFE HACK for Motivation & Happiness | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

If you want to have a successful mindset and the winner’s mentality in general, you NEED to get in your own head. You can’t make all of your decisions completely predicated on what someone else thinks about you.

He’s an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and most importantly a YouTuber with over million of subscribers. Know why so many people follow him? It is because he speaks what he believes can help individuals to make the most of their lives.

Simone Giertz

If you are one of those people who take everything around them as a workshop tool, then you should subscribe to this YouTuber right away.


SO HANDY! If you’re here for the first time: hi. I like your shirt. I bet your shirt would like me too if I just got to meet it. Wait did we get off to a weird start? At least I tried. I give myself 3/5 for effort.

Simone Giertz create some of the craziest videos. She always has robots on her mind and does funny things with them. Her workshop is a lab for herself and all of her subscribers where she comes up with crazy inventions.

Dulce Candy

Fashion keeps everything in the best shape; be it about yourself or the place you live. Dulce Candy is a YouTuber you should be following to keep yourself updated with all the latest trends.

Dulce Candy’s Backyard REVEAL | Home Update | Before and After

Dulce Candy’s Backyard Reveal | Home Update! #DulceCandy Hello my beautiful queen!! I am so EXCITED to give you a tour of my favorite part of our home, my backyard!! It’s everything I could dream of. Hope it inspired you to create a special place you deserve. xx, Dulce Subscribe for future videos!

She has over 2 million followers on YouTube and tells them everything about latest happening in fashion world. Whether it’s about your lifestyle or personal care; know what’s trending the most by following this gorgeous looking YouTuber.

Hoovies Garage

Something for the auto fans. Here we are with Hoovies Garage. As the name suggests, it is surely about cars. Of course, what else could it be? Tyler Hoover started posting his adventures about buying and selling cars on YouTube and people started following his channel.

Welcome to the Edge of Madness: Hooptie Fleet Tour!!!

Buy Hoovie’s Garage T-shirts here:

We found his videos really interesting, as he gives you the in-depth review about a car that he purchases and to be very honest, it feels as if he speaks everything pretty blatantly. So, have you subscribed to him already?

Food Wishes

Do you love to try new recipes? Well, then you should have subscribed to Food Wishes by Chef John. It is an amazing YouTube channel having a whole lot of delicious recipes by Chef John.

Welcome to Food Wishes!

Welcome to YouTube’s favorite video recipe channel, starring YouTube’s most popular chef, Chef John!

Play, pause or repeat recipe videos as many times as you want. Surprise your family with delicious cuisine by trying amazing recipes by Chef John. He has millions of subscribes who ae in love with his recipes.


Call all fitness freaks! Scott Herman is here to get your abs and muscles in shape. Have you been following his YouTube Channel? If not, then do it now as you might be missing out on a lot of exciting stuff.

2 Reasons Why Your Biceps Won’t Grow! | Get Bigger Arms!

READ FULL ARTICLE WITH PHOTOS* For those of you who have stubborn biceps, the answers to why they are not growing may be simpler than you think. I’d like to discuss two common reasons why most people see little bicep growth when performing “bicep curls”.

He’s a fitness model and has got some amazing tips that will help you to tune up your exercise game and enjoy a fitter body. So, waste no time and be one of his millions of subscribers and start working on your fitness dreams!


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