An Expert Opinion about Hurdling: The Untold Stories


Hurdling is an active sport that is an ideal part of a fitness routine or as a professional sport being part of Athletics – a series of track and field activities.

To put it simply, hurdling is the practice of running and jumping over a hurdle/obstacle. A runner has to jump above the hurdles using both legs while covering the set distance. This sport requires strength, speed, endurance, flexibility as well and great focus to win.

All in all, you need to be physically fit in order to participate in this sport. In my opinion, this is one of those sports that looks easy but is actually difficult to master!

The hurdles are typically made of plastic or wood. They are strong so as to not easily break as players may hit them in order to clear the hurdles. The hurdles are placed at measured distances and heights according to the race event and players. There is an emphasis on passing above the hurdles as failure to do so or throwing down the hurdles on purpose can lead to disqualification. For a typical hurdling track race, the hurdles have an average height between 68–107 cm (27–42 inches); it also varies according to the age levels and gender of the players.

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Being one of the noticeable activities of the track and field events. It involves several hurdling events such as the 60-meter (indoors), 300-meter hurdles (men and women) 100-meter for women and 110-meter hurdles for men – the latter two events are a part of the World Athletics Championships and Summer Olympic games.

The short-distance hurdle events such as the 50 m and 55 m take place indoors mostly and are not a part of the Olympics or the World Championship games.

The most challenging 400 m race is open for both men and women and is currently a part of the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championship. This distance is equivalent to a complete lap of a standard oval track.

While played as a solo sport, hurdling is also a part of different marathons such as the decathlon and heptathlon for all-rounder athletes. Apart from being a track and field sport, there is also hurdle racing which involves racing on a horse over a path that has a set of hurdles. This interesting combination of horse riding and hurdling involves the players jumping above the hurdles while riding the horse in order to win.


Q. Is hurdling a sport?

Yes, hurdling is a sport that is most commonly played as a part of athletics.

Q. What is required to be a good hurdler?

There are many physical attributes that are needed to become a pro hurdler such as flexibility, speed, power, endurance, height, and coordination.

Q. How many steps till the first hurdle?

A typical athlete will take an estimated 8 steps to the first hurdle.

Q. What is horse hurdling called?

A horse hurdling race is also known as a hurdle race.

Q. What is the difference between a hurdle and hurdling?

A hurdle is a barrier or an obstacle that is placed on a track. While hurdling is the play or the sport that involves a runner passing over the hurdles.

Author’s opinion

As a kid, I was quite a runner, and in particular, I liked participating in obstacle racing. Back in my school days, I even competed in an obstacle race and scored the second position. I can tell from experience that this is not an easy sport. You need to practice a lot and generally be good at running and with your speed. Practice makes perfect with this exciting and also, this is an excellent way to exercise or stay in good shape if you want to try out something fun!

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.