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American remake of foreign films that you didn’t know about

Hollywood may be the leading film producing country across the globe, but several movies that are produced in Hollywood are simply remake of foreign films. Whether it’s got to do with generating more dollars or enabling a simpler American version of entertainment for the audience without having the viewers go through the struggle of subtitles, they have been produced previously in the past and still at present. But we bet you didn’t know these 10 popular American movies which were actually remakes of a foreign film.

The ring

The famous ‘ring’ movie was actually a remake of a Japanese horror film called Ringu that was produced in 1998 and was based on the novel ring by Kôji Suzuki. It wasn’t until 2002 that Hollywood had decided to remake the film into an American version which led to the Ring series.

The Departed

Originally released in 2002, this film known as Infernal Affairs was produced as a Hongkong film. It was in 2006 only that the American version had been released, being directed by Martin Scorsese; starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson, this Hollywood remake film not only secured a box office of 289.8 million dollars but also won an Academy Award for Best picture!


The original Norwegian thriller film which was also known as Insomnia made its debut in 1997, being directed by Erik Skjoldbjaerg. Greatly inspired by this film, Christopher Nolan decided to direct a Hollywood remake of it and the American version of Insomnia was released in 2002. The remake has renowned actors such as Robbin Williams and Al Pacino in it, making 113.7 Million Dollars and being nominated for Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay.


Director Adrian Lyne’s  American thriller film Unfaithful that was produced in 2002, was actually based on Claude Chabrol’s 1969 thriller La Femme infidèle (“The Unfaithful Wife”). Diane Lane who led the main female role in the remake was nominated for Best Actress in the Academy Awards for this film.

Beauty and the beast

Renowned American animated Disney Film that was produced in 1991 by Walt Disney. This musical romantic fantasy was actually based on a French Fairytale by Jeanne- Marie Leprince De Beaumont and had the same name as the American version.  The film was such a big hit that it had a box office success of 425 million dollars worldwide with just a budget of 25 million dollars. It eventually also won the Golden Globe Award for Best motion picture and the Academy Award for Best Original title song.

Scent of a woman

Dino Risi’s 1974 comedy film Profumo di donna (Scent of a Woman) was the original italian film that was later remade in Hollywood in 1992 under the director Martin Brest and the movie was starring Al pacino, where the famous actor won an Oscar for his performance as a blind retired army officer in the film.

Three men and a baby

Trois Hommes et un couffin ( three men and a cradle) was a French film made in 1985. It inspired the remake of the highest grossing film of 1987 as Three men and a baby. The American version was directed by Leonard Nimoy, many of whom may recall him as Mr.spock from Star Trek.

The last house on the left

The last house on the left was produced in Hollywood in 1972 as a horror film directed by Wes Craven. It had made sucha big impact for him that enabled him to greater movies ahead such as Nightmare on Elm Street and The hills have eyes. This American version was inspired by the Swedish film The Virgin Spring that was directed by Ingmar Bergman and produced in 1960.

The parent trap

The parent trap is a british American film based on a romantic comedy drama that was released in 1998 under the production of Walt Disney. The remake stars Lindsay lohan in it and is a based on the 1961 film of the same name and an adaptation of Erich Kastner’s german novel Lottie and Lisa.

The magnificent seven

The American remake of The Magnificent seven was a blockbuster in Hollywood when it was released in 1960 and yet again in 2016. It was inspired by the revolutionary Japanese action drama called Seven Samurai.

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