A Jaw-Dropping Journey through Sports that starts with J!

From martial arts to racing sports to some unique sports that you may have not heard of, read all about our list of top sports that starts with J!


This is a modern Japanese martial art which involves throwing, holding and subduing the opponent for a short time. It is an ideal 2 player sport to learn for self-defense as it promotes mental sharpness, and of course, physically strength.

Judo was invented in 1882 in Japan and is featured in the Olympics with seven weight divisions. A typical judo match lasts for 4-5 minutes. Japanese martial arts have always piqued an interest in me, especially Judo. This is a martial art that I would love to try out someday!

Javelin Throw

An emerging track and field activity and a solo sport that involves running and throwing a javelin (spear) in the air at a maximum amount of distance. A javelin is usually about 8 feet long with variation in size for men and women’s games. Javelin throwers require some serious focus, upper body strength and agility to throw the javelin.

Jet Ski Racing

Are you a water sports fan like me? Then you will love this sport!

Jet Ski racing, just as the name suggests is a water racing sports where players compete while jet skiing. This is a competitive sport that is popularly played in the US and Australia, being similar to powerboat racing.   Best suited as a recreational sport, try it out the next time you’re in an open water body on a jet ski with friends or family members!


This football game started out in a garage in France. Jorkyball had its first official game played in Italy and has now emerged to other countries with an increasing number of jorkyball players around the world. This sport is played in an indoor court known as a jorkyball court; two players versus two players with the aim of scoring a greater number of goals.


Another Japanese derived martial art that has its origins back to the 1500s. Jujutsu focuses on ground techniques such as grappling, striking, wrestling and kicking. This combat, martial art involves armed or unarmed opponents – fighting in a self-defense or offense manner. With the ultimate aim to defeat the opponent.

I am also planning to learn this sport as a self-defense technique. Everyone knows that in today’s world, you have to be prepared when going outside because you can never know what happens. It is very important for every individual, especially young girls and working women, to learn and practice sports that help against harassers and criminals.


A unique sport that I bet a lot of you haven’t heard of! So, what is this sport about? To put it simply, jogging but make it fun!

Joggling is an interesting combination of jogging and juggling – tossing multiple objects most commonly balls in the air and catching them. A joggler must juggle at least 3 balls while running or jogging. This fun, outdoor sport is part of various marathons held around the world.

FAQs about sports starting with J

Q. Who is the top javelin thrower player?

Neeraj Chopra from India is ranked as the number 1 Javelin Thrower.

Q. What is the difference between judo and jujutsu?

The major difference is that Judo is a standing martial art (practiced while standing mostly) while Jujutsu is the art of grounding techniques.

Q. What is the highest juggling world record?

Owen Morse has a Guiness World record for juggling 5 balls while running for 100 meters.

Q. What is jorkyball?

This is an adaptation of football. In simplest terms. This is a type of indoor football with two players in each game, played in an indoor court with walls surrounding them.

Author’s Opinion:

On my personal list of sports that I haven’t tried out, Japanese martial arts are something that I have yet to try. You can go for judo or jujutsu; both are great for learning self-defense techniques with some amazing physical and mental health benefits.

From the list of sports that start with J, my top picks are judo and jet ski racing. The latter sport is something that I wish to try in the upcoming year as I believe it is a fun, outdoor sport that is best for people who are competitive like me!

We highly recommend trying out these sports, whichever activity suits you best!

What do you think?

Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.