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5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong Every Day

It is a universal truth that when human beings carry out something on a daily basis, they think that they are doing it correctly without even researching or it that whether they are doing it right or wrong. There are common errors that we all do each day and every day in even the simplest things that make a task much more difficult that it is actually is.

It has to be understood by us that there are extremely genius and agile people who are found in almost every society all around the world and due to their skills and abilities, they have devised some life-hacks for multiple activities that we undergo daily, so that we can get done with those particular everyday things in a more feasible and better way.

Sleeping Habits

It has been observed that many people sleep facedown usually on their stomach and usually couldn’t sleep early because they are using bright white screen on bed which is absolutely wrong and extremely harmful for their health. However, there are a few ways with the help of which you can enjoy a sound sleep every night so that you can rise fresh on the next morning.

First of all, we have to keep in mind that exercising regularly will help you enjoy good sleep at night. Secondly, it is better to avoid using smartphones or any other gadget as these devices won’t let you sleep.

Breathe Properly

Out of all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, breathing is one of the most important one. However, according to a research carried out by experts, many people did not think about it when they are focusing on healthy lifestyle. We are so very much busy in our lives that we almost forget to focus on the way we breath but it is alarming because we are ignoring the most important aspect of staying healthy.

The fact that most of us might not know is that we breathe about 17,000 times a day, but it might be possible that the technique with which we breathe might not be a proper one and this could cause serious consequences to our health. It has been researched and proven by health experts that if someone is breathing slower, deeper that it comes from the lower diaphragm or the areas surrounding it.

However, there are countless benefits if you are breathing in a prescribed way as it can help you get rid of unnecessary tension and stress, brings down your blood pressure while improving your stamina for better performance in games and other outdoor sports. People are usually chest breathers, if they cohesively focus on the way they breathe, they could ultimately live a better and more healthy life.

Body Posture

Owing to the work routine that is being mostly followed these days, slouching and hunching over our computer has become a common practice for almost all of us and we just could not feel anything wrong about it. However, somewhere in our mind know that the body postures we are making can have severe consequences on our health so in order to counter that we sit or stand up right for some time because we know that it is good for us.

Almost all of us know the benefits of good posture but do we know what are the damages of bad postures that could (in severe case) can leave people impaired for their whole life. Since our childhood, we have been thought by our parents that at any cost we are supposed to maintain a proper posture of our body as it is beneficial for us both ethically and health wise.

Pronouncing different words

We speak those words every day but most of us are unaware that we are mispronouncing them. Isn’t that strange? The video must have given you some idea that how words are mispronounced by us in every day routine. Here we are talking about English which is undoubtedly the most widely used languages all around the world.

After the invasion of internet and many other global platforms, people communicate with each other from entirely different regions of the world and according to an estimate now a staggering number of 1.8 billion people living on earth can speak and understand English. It cannot be denied that English language is easy to learn and flexible. Despite all of these things, there are many words in it that are mispronounced by us even if we are one of the native English.

According to a study that was conducted recently by the experts, some words have been listed down that are considered to be the most common mispronunciations included terms like prescription, espresso plus there a lot of other location names. For example it has also been found out that there is one of the locations in the UK which is a railway station called St. Pancras International and commissioned the tourist as well as the local people are pretty confused when pronouncing its name and instead they get it mixed up with ‘pancreas’ which is a body organ.

Meal Times

Forget about what you have been doing from years and think have you been taking a proper diet in your daily routine. Someone has rightly said that, “You are what you eat.” Many people among us assume that their eating habits are flawless and as if they are following a healthy diet.

If they take some time out to ponder on the quantity or quality of food they have been consuming all through their life, they are going to notice many things that might not be suitable for their health as the experts say that eating it fast can cause serious damage to your metabolism and digestive system. So, it’s time that you forget all those age old eating rituals and start making your everyday meals easier, more convenient and most importantly healthy.



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