If you are playing a friendly game of cricket with a group of friends or practicing in a professional environment for the first time, find below a complete list of items from clothing to equipment that is the perfect cricket gear for beginners!


Cricket bat

A wooden bat is used for cricket, which is an essential item for playing the game. It is not hard to find. The same size of the bat is used most commonly in professional games and among amateur players. However, for kids or younger teens, small cricket bats for beginners are sold too. Some cricket clubs or academies provide bats and other necessary equipment. However, you can always get from a local store or borrow one from someone you know!

Cricket ball

A cricket ball is a hardball made out of cork with a string which is wrapped up with a piece of leather for a good grip of the ball. Traditionally, Kookaburra balls are used for all type of cricket games. While red cricket balls are commonly used, such as in the test series and first-class cricket, a white ball has been now used for one day matches.

Fun fact: white balls were introduced for one day matches as they have better visibility under the floodlights, especially at night time.


A wicket is an important of the game. Which you can find behind a batting player. It is made out of stumps and bails. There are typically 3 stumps – long wooden sticks and 2 bails – two small sticks that are placed above the stumps that form a wicket.

Cricket kit for beginners

There is nothing more important than the safety and use of the right uniform while playing active sports such as cricket. From a beginner to a professional player, you need the right clothing and equipment to play cricket.


For the typical uniform of a cricketer, collared shirts are worn which have either half or full sleeves, depending on a cricketer’s personal choice or the season in which the game is played. Shirts and pants are worn as a part of a uniform.

For test series or any local matches, cricketers wear a white shirt and trousers – perfect for beginners while in international matches such as one day games, a customized team kit is used, which is different for each team.

Protective Gear

 Cricket gear which is worn as protective gear include wicket-keeper gloves, spiked shoes for a tight grip, helmets for batters, cricket caps for the fielding team,

Additional safety items include cricket box which is also referred as an abdominal guard, leg pads and thigh guards for the batting team.

Author’s Opinion

I have seen many players around the world who have gotten minor to major injuries during practice or test cricket games due to lack of proper safety gear.

If you are an amateur or a beginner in a professional cricket team, you should wear protective gear and fitted clothes to play cricket. A cricket club, league or national teams have rules and regulations which require all players to adhere to the standard clothing and cricket gear.

FAQs regarding Cricket and its equipment

Q. What does a cricket kit for beginners consist of?

A typical cricket kit consists of:
Cricket Bat and Ball for beginners.
Cricket Gloves for beginners
Cricket Pads for beginners.
Cricket Helmet for beginners.
Cricket Shoes for beginners
Cricket Shirts for beginners
Cricket Trousers for beginners

Q. Where is cricket most popular in the world?

Cricket is played most widely in South Asian countries such as India and Pakistan.

Q. What is a wicket made of?

A wicket is made out of wooden pieces called stumps and bails.

Q. Why are white balls used in one day international matches?

White balls are more visible under the floodlights placed in a cricket ground. As one day matches usually end at night time, they have better visibility as compared to the traditional red balls.

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.