Epic Encounters: What are the Top 10 Exciting Sports Starting with E

If you are looking for some adventurous or competitive sports to try out, then take a look at these interesting and some never heard of sports starting with E!


For the video game addicts, this emerging sport has taken over a lot of the parts of the world with different international championships held every year.

 Esports – short for electronic sports includes video gaming competitions where minimum 2 players compete from around the world, usually in team matches but also in solo competitions. And no, these are not casual video games sessions but tough, competitive matches with high stakes. China is the major country where esports is played and followed by fans.


To put it simply, this includes a group of sports that involve horseback riding activities such as horse racing, vaulting, polo and a few more.

Equestrian is an Olympic recognized sport since the 1900s with several world championships held around the world. The activities that come under this umbrella sport have one thing in common- players are tested with their horse-riding skills.

Expedition Racing

Commonly referred to as adventure racing, this includes a range of exciting activities such as trekking, paddling, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and even horse riding! The premier format for this team sport consists of mixed-gender teams with four racers in each team. This type of expedition racing may vary from hours to days, depending on the activities involved.

Eight Ball

A popular cue sport that is a good pastime activity to play with a group of people. Eight ball game uses 15 numbered, colored balls – seven balls with striped colors, seven balls with solid colors, and one eight numbered, black ball.

The aim of the game is to collect same kind of balls and ultimately the solo eight numbered ball. This sport is popular in the US, with professional tournaments conducted every year. There is also an eight-ball pool online game that is played by huge number of users around the world!


A deadly combination of adventure and thrill! Enduro is a type of motorcycle sport that takes place on an off-road course. Participants set on a journey filled with different hurdles and challenges, with the real race being against the time as the players compete in timed events.


This Ecuador derived sport is an adaption of the popular volleyball sport. There are some differences in the game as compared to the original volley game – there are 3 players in each team divided by a net that is higher. Ecuavoley is played nationally across Ecuador with indoor, outdoor and beach games.


Originally invented to check and prepare cavalry horse, this sport comes under Equestrian and has competitions held for it since the 1900s.

Eventing consists of players competing in three disciplines: dressage, a test to determine the progress of a horse while it moves up the levels followed by cross-country riding and show jumping.

Elephant Polo

This unique variation of polo involves riding an elephant while playing the game of polo. Popular in countries such as Nepal and India, it features cane sticks with a polo mallet and the standard polo ball.

Endurance Running

You need some serious stamina and endurance for this sport! This extreme running sport which is commonly addressed as long-distance running, involves continuously running for up for hours while covering a large distance at an optimal speed.

Eight-man football

This is not your typical 11 player football game. Eight-man football is played in high schools for smaller teams across America. Although, similar rules are applied for this game as the traditional football game, there are a few differences.

As the name suggests, there are eight players – three less players in the offense and defense teams. The size of the football field is smaller too.

Author’s opinion

We have compiled a list of some of the most interesting inventions that are regarded as sports from countries around the world. These challenging yet exciting sports should be on your bucket list, that is if you dare to try!


Q. What is the most popular sport which starts with E?

E-sports is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports as of 2023. This competitive video gaming has taken the world by storm with all sorts of championships held across the globe.

Q. Which sports come under Equestrian?

It includes horseback riding sports – dressage, Eventing, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, and rodeo.

Q. Where is eight-man football played?

This is played in high schools across America mostly popularly in midwestern states.

Q. What type of polo game starts with an E?

Elephant Polo is an exciting game that starts with an E.

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