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Unplugged Fun: Top 10 Family Games for Outdoor Adventures

Looking for some interesting games and activities to try out with your family members? We have compiled a list of the top 10 family games for the outdoor that you do not want to miss.

These games will definitely guarantee you some quality family bonding time with a touch of adventure!

Hide n Seek

The all-time classic game that never gets old! Hide n seek is one of the simplest games and two person sports out there that you can play with of people of all ages. Due to being easy to play and having no limit to age and number of players, it makes it a fun game to play with your family members outside. To make things interesting, you can choose an open area with a lot of places to hide and preferably at nighttime so it is not easy to seek!

While the original game is good enough, hide-n-seek has evolved with time and now there are different versions that you can try! Here are 3 versions of the game that you can try:

  1. The first person that you find tags along with you in your search to find others.
  2.  In order to seek someone, you have to shine a flashlight on them. This version of the game is played in the dark.
  3. Another nighttime version of hide n seek; when you find someone, you shout “Ghost in the Graveyard!” The ‘ghost’ then tries to tag other players before they reach a marked destination.

Capture the Flag

This is a fun group game that you can play with family and friends, on your lawn or at a park. The players are divided into teams of 2 with at least 6 players in each group.

There are 2 flags to be disposable for this game. You mark the playing area by dividing it into sections and putting both flags on opposite sides of the Field. So how to play this game? As soon as the game starts, players rush toward the opposing sides to capture the opponent’s flag. To win the game, the flag carrier must not be tagged by any player till he/she reaches the destination. If tagged during the run, then the game is over. 

Donuts on a String

Sounds unusual yet tempting right? This is an interesting, unique game that you can play with dessert items. Perfect for a family gathering! For the play, you need a few delicious donuts and a string. The players have to only use their mouths to eat their respective donuts off the string.

Yes, you heard that right. No hands can be used! Two adults have to hold the sides of the string. Whoever finishes their donut first wins. This sweet game can be played by people of all ages, just whoever wants to enjoy a yummy treat while playing the game!

 T.A.G with Fam

This kid and adult-friendly game is the ultimate activity for your next family gathering! Just make sure to have an area where there is enough space to run. The chosen player tags other players until one person is left who is the winner. But the fun does not end here. You can make things interesting by adding some fun rules to the simple T.A.G game such as:

  • When a player is tagged, they are ‘frozen’ in their place. Until another player tags them, they can’t get unfrozen or move!
  • This unusual yet amusing version of T.A.G involves a tagged person standing with their legs far apart. If a person crawls through their legs, they can be freed.

In this version, every player is free to tag others but the condition is to tag below the knees of the other players! Sounds exciting, right? And for some endless fun, you can get back in the game once the player who has tagged you gets tapped by someone else.

Frisbee Golf

Another classic game that has been around for a while and can be sports for two people. While the OG Frisbee is a simple yet nice playtime for parents and kids to play in a big park, it can get monotonous after a while. Hence, Frisbee Golf is an invention that makes the game interesting!

So how is it played? You find some objects in your surroundings that are termed ‘holes’. You have to hit the holes with the frisbee to achieve a throw. The longer the distance, the more exciting the game! The winner is decided by the player who has the greatest number of throws per hole/object.

Marco Polo

It is believed that the famous swimming pool game, Marco Polo was inspired by a great Venetian explorer named Marco Polo. But why was such a game coined after him? It is assumed that the late explorer who traveled from Europe to Asia often forgot where he was going! While we are not certain if there really is a connection between the game and the explorer, one thing we are sure of is that it is a great game for pool parties to play with your family and relatives!

All you have to do is assign one person as ‘Marco’. The person has to catch other people by tagging them in the pool. But what’s different about this game? ‘Marco’ has to keep their eyes closed while catching others. After counting to 10, the person starts searching for other players in the pool. Marco can shout the name multiple times to which the players have to reply with ‘Polo’ so that it becomes easier to locate them through their voices while keeping their eyes closed.

Sack Race

This good old game that is commonly played by kids can be a fun way to test the elders to participate in a race with them! All you need for this game is a few burlap sacks or pillowcases, however, make sure that the sack/pillowcase reaches the knee of the player wearing it.

Form a starting line and a finishing line and have the young and the old players to stand in an even line as they hop their way to the end! To make it a bit challenging and exciting, it can be turned into a relay race, adding more players or just starting the game with the elders in the sack. Upon reaching the finishing line, the players switch with their respective kids and they compete to return back to the original line to win the race!

Scavenger Hunt

This is for the people who want to make things really interesting and adventurous. There is no limit to the space or players when it comes to a scavenger hunt. Just make sure that everything is preplanned and in its place! The typical game involves setting up clues in various different places for the players to search for. The clues that are found mostly contain riddles that are to be solved to find the location of the next one. This is a fun way to spend time with YOUR family members and really take things up a notch. The overall game involves a lot of effort and creativity so make sure you are up for it!


While this is a proper sport played in a lot of parts of the world, it is a fun activity to play with a close group of people like your family members! Just get a volleyball for your next family gathering in your lawn or backyard space where you can set up a net. A badminton net can also be used here. Apart from that, you just need some active players and divide them into two teams! You can play a casual game or count the score to decide a winning team. This game can also be played on beaches on the sand, especially in the summer season. You may also find nets or volleyball courts there!

Tug of War

This one’s for the overly competitive members of your family! A tug-of-war game ideally requires a lot of people so make sure you have enough players to play this game. The players are then divided into 2 teams who face each other. All you need is a rope and some strong players in your team to win this thing!

So, who determines the winner? If the first player of either of the teams who is standing near the center line crosses it, the other time is crowned as the winner! These entertaining family games provide non-stop fun and are some of the ideal outdoor activities for you to try out with your family members! And the best thing is that ANYONE can join in on the fun!

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