Top Ten Engaging Educational Games for 6-Year-Olds

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the future of education for children has been changed forever with schools integrating online learning apps and tools with the typical conventional studying methods. This has paved ways to the introduction of different applications and web-based games apart from the conventional learning games. Nevertheless, these educational games provide kids a fun and interactive to study and learn and also promotes teamwork activities.

1. Prodigy Math Game

This online game is available as a mobile application on both Apple and Play Store as well as in a web version. Prodigy Math game is an interactive fun game which enhances the math skills of children with curriculum-aligned topics and grade levels. What’s great about this popular solo game is that the difficulty level can be adjusted according to the learning level of a kid. After learning, children can take part in math competitions with in-game characters, which involves winning by answering a set of math questions!

2. HOMER App

This game provides personalized experience to kids’ learning. With animated characters and objects that are visually attractive to kids, this game features a series of learning activities based on different subjects, and the content is customized according to the child’s age and interests. After each stage, the difficulty level increases which provides effective learning. It is meant to be concise and to the point so that kids do not feel bored or lose interest in the learning activities.

3. Board Race

Board race is a team-building game which is a 2 player sport and it requires kids to play in teams of two with a relay method. Six or more kids can play this engaging game. All that you need is a board and two-colored markers for each team. Draw a line in the center of the board and write a keyword. Both teams are supposed to write relevant words to the theme of the keyword and keep the game going. Whichever team has a greater number of words, wins the game. This is a fun yet educational game that can be played in between school periods where kids can have fun together while improving their vocabulary!

4. Jumping The Line

This is a great way of ensuring that your kids have their answers memorized; this educational activity can be done a day before an exam or after doing their homework, with a group of children or you can just play this game with your kid! Mark a straight line using a chalk or with a tape. On one side of the line, write down TRUE and on the other side FALSE. The children are to stand on the line.

Just keep a set of true and false questions and make sure the kids understand the rules for the game. Start asking questions- if the kids think the answer is true then they will jump to the True side meanwhile, if they think the answer is false, then they must jump to the False side!

5. Room Recess

This web game provides a range of educational games for kids to play during their break time. This includes language arts topics such as nouns, phonics and sight words etc. Every topic has a mini-game designed for it, which makes it interesting for kids to learn about different topics. It also features math and typing games to further improve their skills. Not only kids or parents can make use of this game but teachers too! The content on the platform can be of extra help for worksheets and homework activities for kids


If your kid is a screen addict, then make use of that! You can make your children develop an interest or hobby in arts with this coloring art game application that is available on App Store and Google Play Store! 

Colorfy is a digital coloring book with over 100 images that you can choose from. Being easy to use, your child can select an image of their liking and start coloring. And what’s more is that it filled with high-quality images available in various designs such as paintings, animals, interesting patterns, florals, animals and other creative images. This can spark creativity in your children and can keep them busy for hours!

7. GoNoodle

Who said you cannot make your kids stay fit and exercise while making them learn about new things? GoNoodle is designed to help your kids stay active with interactive video content. With over 300 videos that include dancing, yoga, kids’ songs and much more!

8. Buzz

This is an excellent way of making your kids practice their focus and concentration skills. Buzz game can be played with words or numbers; you just have to pick out a series of numbers or words for kids to learn.

Choose one buzz word out of the list. For example, every third alphabet/number is to going to be replaced with the word ‘buzz’. The key is for the kids say the word ‘buzz’ at the right time as they read out loud!

9. Mime Game

This is an interesting way for kids to learn and remember action word/ verbs. For this game, you just need a group of kids and write down a set of action words mostly verbs, individually on small pieces of paper and let the kids select it. Divide the teams in two, with one kid of a team act out the word while the teammates guess what it is. This way, the teams score a point every time a word is guessed right. Whoever has the greater number of points, wins the game.

The team that guesses the word correctly gets a point and the team with the maximum points, wins!

10. Flashcards

You can make your own flashcards at home, based on the topic or subject you want your kids to learn or revise. Flashcards are an interactive way to teach or test your kids on different topics such as spelling, vocabulary, true and false questions, and much more! By adding a timer for answering a question, you can make them practice time management which can in turn help them in their exams!

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