Hitting the Heights: 10 Best High-Intensity Action Sports that starts with H

Are you looking for some high intensity sports to engage in? Well, we have rounded up a list of some action sports and to make things interesting, these are sports that starts with H!


This ideal solo activity – or if you want some company, you can make it a group activity requires no props! Hiking is a natural way of exercising which helps you stay fit and clear your mind while being in the nature. You can walk or jog, depending on the track.

Pro tip: Just keep a bottle of water in case you feel dehydrated and you are good to go!

Horse Riding

If you have a love for horses or animals in general, then this sport is for you! Horse riding is an ancient practice which is regarded as a recreational activity.

Although, it was a means of transport until automobiles replaced it, this is a leisure activity that a lot of people who own horses engage in.  Horse riders can gain some serious skills with this sport as you need to develop good balance and focus while riding and training a horse. There are a variety of events and championships held around the world which features horse riding!

High Jump

This is a track and field event, which is as the name suggests – is an activity which involves jumping from a height.

Participants have to jump from above a horizontal bar that is placed in front of them. Three chances are allowed at a time, if failed then they are out of the competition.

Hammer Throw

A popular throwing event that is featured in the track and field games. Hammer throwing involves tossing a huge spherical object at a distance, which is attached to a wire/string. This is an extreme sport which requires practice and upper body strength to spin the object and throw it in the air. Both men and women compete in this category of track and field game.

High Diving

This is an adaptation of regular diving but with high stakes (literally). Players jump from considerable large heights straight into the water. There are two types of high diving: indoor (pool) diving and outdoor diving.


A popular sports that starts with H, and played in a lot of parts of the world, Hockey is a team sport which is played with a hockey stick and ball. There are two variations of the sport namely: field hockey – or just regular hockey and ice hockey. The latter is played on an ice platform while the former is played on a field- typically a grass pitch.

Horse Archery

This is an interesting combination of horse riding and archery. For those who dare to try this sports that starts with H, you need to excel at horse riding as the goal is for a rider to shoot a target or a couple of targets, while using both hands so you’re basically shooting reinless while riding horse!

Also known as mounted archery; this has risen in popularity in the United States with horse archery being offered at riding clubs.


This Irish and Gaelic originated game consists of two teams with 15 members each. The objective of this sport is for the players to hit a small ball with a hurley – a wooden stick in between the opponent’s goalpost.

Fun fact: A female version of the game exists known as camogie.

Hovercraft Racing

A hovercraft is a vehicle that can be used on both land and water. Hovercraft racing is becoming popular sports that starts with H and played as a recreational and a competitive activity. Suitable for both kids and adults, this sport has world championships events held with different degree of levels.


An Olympic ball sport that takes place in an indoor court, handball is played between teams of two with seven players in each team. The basic moves for this sport involve throwing, catching, bouncing and striking the ball with the use of hands or arms. The game of handball lasts for 60 minutes; this is a popular sport in several European countries.

Common FAQs regarding the sports mentioned above:

Q. Which Olympic sports start with H?

Handball and Hockey are the two sports that are featured in the Olympics.

Q. Which country’s national sport is hockey?

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan.

Q. What skills are required for horse archery?

You need to be really good at horse riding and shooting targets – archery for this sport.

Q. Name of track and field games that start with H?

Hammer throw and high jump are part of the track and field events.

Author’s Opinion:

I myself have tried these activities and can say that these are some of the healthiest hobbies you can adopt. From a simple walk in the nature to trying out unique sports such as horse archery, there is a lot you can do with these sports that start with H!

What do you think?

Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.