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Places to Visit in Italy That Will Leave You Spellbound

Every time the thought of visiting Italy brings out the real travel enthusiast in you. You know it is a country that offers you natural beauty in every way you know about it. Historical places, mesmerizing beaches and stunning views of evergreen mountainous plateaus, Italy is a piece of heaven on earth. Picking up your backpacks already? Wait, we aren’t done yet.

We have listed some places to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. The most exciting thing about the places we are going to mention here is that they offer diversity. Diversity in terms of the views, cultures, traditions; showing different colors of the country. So, hold on tight in there as we are taking you to beautiful places in Italy through your screens.

The Amalfi Coast

We know you are still rubbing your as you just can’t believe what have seen in the picture above. No, doubt this place is real and it is called the Amalfi Coast. So, if it is your first visit to Italy then the Amalfi Coast is surely the candy for your eyes. However, even those who have visited it before, this coastal region never fails to surprise them with its beauty and eye-pleasing views.

Just imagine the sight of the villages situated along the Mediterranean Sea and stretched up to the mountains in southwestern Italy. It feels like as if we are describing something out of fairy-tales. Getting there and experiencing it yourself has its own charm.

Incredible sceneries offered by stunning places is just give you the right paradisiac feeling. What not to talk about the beauty of this place? Delightful views of steep mountain slopes with lush green and terraced lemon groves. The water of those stunning beaches that changes its appearance and gets from deep blue to soothingly transparent.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is this one mistake that dates back to 11th century which was a result of miscalculation causing the 14,500-ton weighing structure to become leaning tower. However, it is not considered a mistake anymore but it has become a charm of Italy’s capital Rome.

On top of that, it is the officially recognized as one of the 7 wonders around the world. Going to Italy and not posing a selfie with this tower in the background, leaves your trip incomplete. We know you guys are enjoying this tour. We still have a lot more places to visit so keep reading.

The City of Love

Yes, you read it right! Another name for Venice is ‘The City of Love’. The city has a network of water canals and streams and this is why people call it lovers’ destination. It is where you would not be needing cars to go from one place to another place but instead the boats will take you to your destination. We know it sounds exciting and these types of adventures are what we exactly desire from our trip to countries other than ours.

Some of the most popular and historical places recognized by the international bodies are found in Venice. As soothing as its name, the Bridge of Sigh is just another highly famous and an ideal location in Venice. Tourists from all around the world come to this destination to take memories along with them in the form of pictures, selfies and videos.

Another place to be mentioned here is the Rialto bridge. It shines in its own magnificence and has a significant importance in history. It stands as one of the most popular landmark in bridges category that are found in Europe, and a popular. It attracts most of the tourists visiting Venice. So, the list of worth-seeing places in the city of Venice goes on like this but we have to cover some other regions of Italy as well.

Gran Paradiso National Park

Ready to put your hiking shoes on because we are heading towards the natural views now. Now it’s the turn of a breathtakingly beautiful Gran Paradiso National Park to be explored. It is the place named after Gran Paradiso mountain, located in northwestern Italy in the Alps. It is not only home of the stunning landscape, valleys, mountain lakes, glaciers and alpine meadows but it is also a home to some endangered species.

You can also find some small villages that are scattered through the vast area covered by the park. In those villages, there are the visitors’ centers made for the assistance of tourists in order to know more about the wilderness about the place they are exploring.

The Island of Capri

The thought of Island excites us! Of course, you can’t escape this excitement, especially when you are talking about the exotic Island of Capri in the Tyrrhenian Sea that is a part of Italy. Swim in those shallow waters that give your eyes the supercool view because it is refreshingly blue.

If water isn’t enough then bath in the sun as this island also offers several small beaches around its coast. The beauty of these sights is amplified with the presence of small smooth pebbles that cover most of these beaches.

No doubt, Capri also has all the glamour in it. It is home to some of the most luxurious villas in the region. It is also famous for its majestic looking steep hills, giving this place a perfect natural blend. The residents of this place are widely known because of their expensive lifestyle, but still you will find a lot of free beaches here if you have plans to visit this island.


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